JorZine - Midwinter - Portait Of Doom

Midwinter - Portait Of Doom

Label: Independent

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2015-04-28

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7.5/10 6/10 6/10 6/10 5.5/10

Highlights:  Perpetual

MIDWINTER, the Egyptian Doom Metal band released their first outfit not so long ago. Going into the album, the best comparison I can find to describe the band's sound is to call them Egypt's SLUMBER. No, they don't actually sound like a copy of SLUMBER, but they sure do play a bit like them... At least it would hold accurate when speaking of SLUMBER's early years. What I mean, is that they play some old school classic Doom stuff, but venture more in slower territory with the occasional faster bit, with long-winded compositions and a heavy pounding drum presence - the bass doesn't have 'quite' the same importance though.


The drummer Moka is definitely worth of mention for his hard-hitting and driving performance. He always manages to keep a certain level of dynamism even through the slower, more plodding parts - which never really go as particularly plodding and boring, playing really good rythms. Speaking of Alfred's riffing, it's surprisingly good and he shows some relatively different playing throughout the EP.


The song "Perpetual" is the most plodding Doom track which sees its ending speeding things up with some cool leads to a satisfying closure. "Time Inevitability" is another slow number, probably slower, although the mood is quite different, something closer to a mourning melody I would say, more minimalistic stuff, but well done and easy to get drawn into. It also speeds up about 3 quarters through with some more classic Doom riffing, only to slow down again for good effect. The last song, "Memories" starts with a what looks like a movie sample about witches, to let go to what is Alfred's most classic Doom riffing and keys yet, which he keeps throughout, definitely a livelier.


The main idea of this EP it’s the great lead riffing that will leave you on your ass from the beginning to the end. Well done guys!



Track List:


1. Colors Of Gray

2. Time Inevitability

3. Perpetual

4. The Portrait Of Doom

5. Memories


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