JorZine - Fistful of Metal - Vol. 8

Fistful of Metal - Vol. 8

Label: Various

Reviewer: Battlepig Claudia - 2015-03-18

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Fistful of Metal Vol. 8
Bands: Seduced, Obsessör, Vyre, Devoid



SEDUCED - The Proclamation
By: Battlepig Claudia


SEDUCED from Austria are here again. Their cd “The Proclamation“ is their latest trick, which was released by the end of September 2014 in an in-house production.


….And the trip of hell immediately starts... A rollercoaster of speed and hardness in the form of Death Metal initially echoes. Partially dark-tinted songs go hurtling in a little short of a non-human fast speed towards the listener. Very diversified riffs which prove that SEDUCED are professionals and that they exactly know what they want musically, giving additionally hardness and dynamism. This time the computer is replaced by a real drummer who breathes additional life into the production and takes it to a new level. In addition the nagging, dark and very distinctive growls of Svart and Georg which additionally ensure that “The Proclamation“ burns into each listeners' brain. But the gents can also do it different. You can find here thoroughly slower passages which are nevertheless anything but boring. On the contrary. They show once more the skills of the single musicians and offer moreover a good sign of the entire spectrum of the genre Death Metal. Furthermore, they put the listener in the position to take some breath. The single songs are very compact and offer above and beyond than dull thrashing. Very professional and with much blood, sweat and tears, SEDUCED have found with “The Proclamation“ their own identity. I think it is a very successful album in the year 2014 which may not be missed in any cd collection!!!!


Rating: 9,2/10



OBSESSÖR - Assassins Of The Pentagram
By: Battlepig Claudia


OBSESSÖR from Detmold, Germany, have been on the road since 2009. They released at the end of May 2014 their latest opus “Assassins Of The Pentagram“ via Evil Spell Records.


The opener “Return Of The Usurper“ initially starts very calm and solid. You could almost think that it is a soundtrack for a horror movie. But, this thought is suddenly destroyed very fast. Now, OBSESSÖR show their true musical colours. Old School Thrash Metal is the subject. Loud, intense and of ravenous energy characterises the songs. They rekindle the spirit of the old Thrash Metal productions. Screaming guitars and street attitude give the production a solid musical base frame. The genre's typical vocals do yet one last thing to let the music sound fresh and unconsumed. OBSESSÖR have done here all correct and have delivered a flawless cd without any technical excess or excursions into other realms. The listener knows here what he gets and not only musically. The evil lyrics also fit well in the overall concept. A must for all Thrash Metal fans!!!!


Rating: 9,1/10



VYRE - The Initial Frontier Pt.II
By: Battlepig Claudia


Only one year after their debut “The Initial Frontier Pt.I“ the Germans VYRE put in December 2014 their follow-up cd “The Initial Frontier Pt.II“ via Supreme Chaos Records on the market.


The second part is also a concept album and again heavy fare. With still more ideas than the previous album you can also hear here complex, interlaced songs. Thereby the musical range reaches from Rock music via experimental and space borrowings through to dark Black Metal. With carefully structured songs whose content and variety are made accessible to the listener only at repeated listening. But, this is exactly what VYRE want. The very long songs force the listener for attention. But, the stony journey is worthwhile. Each song is a pearl in itself. Always kept in the mid tempo area however never stagnant or even boring. The gents show us a fireworks of tones and emotions in the form of notes. In spite of all this mix, mourning and darkness however prevail in all the songs. Sillful drawn attention to VYRE are successful in giving the listener almost perfectly an understanding of their musical visions. A very intense production which demands from the listener a lot of stamina. With such a professionally recorded album, I can only recommend “The Initial Frontier Pt.II“.


Rating: 9,3/10



DEVOID - The Invasion
By: Battlepig Claudia


DEVOID are from India. Last year they released their cd “The Invasion“ via Transcending Obscurity Records.


The intro let us hope of a production with Indian folklore music and acoustic guitars. But, far from it! “The Invasion“ shows what's it's really about! Death Metal music. Studded with some Thrash influences develop five energetic and independent songs. Melodic, diversified riffs give the production a musical base frame. Filled with an aggressive drumming “The Invasion“ receives likewise hardness and freshness. The forceful, snotty vocals give additionally aggressiveness. All mixed this results in an independent sound with a lot of room for guitar solos. Maladjusted, wild and characterized by unbridled energy DEVOID show their understanding of modern Death Metal in the year 2014. The guys do their job not that bad at all. Preferably listen to “The Invasion“ yourselves and form your own opinions!!!!


Rating: 8,6/10



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