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Empty Yard Experiment - Kallisti

Label: Independent

Reviewer: Kassem - 2015-03-17

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9/10 9/10 9/10 5/10 9/10

Highlights:  Entropy, God Has His Reasons

Empty Yard Experiment, or EYE, is a band with members hailing from Iran, India and Serbia, formed in 2006 in Dubai, Emirates. What this band is doing in the local scene is really impressive, there are only few bands that has their unique style, the majority are only copycat bands death-black-metal-kvlt-eating-satan's-corpse bands. So 'Lass uns anfangen' which is German for let's start!


I'm pretty much overwhelmed with the variation in this record, from the alternative rock to the straightforward Progressive Metal then to the instrumental relaxing moments with the electronic elements which could be noticed in short songs as "Red", "Blue", and "Green". Or songs like "Lost In A Void That I Know Far Too Well", "The Call", and "The Blue Eyes Of A Dog" which shows the band’s more instrumental-progressive-post-rock side.


In songs such as "Entropy" I could see vocalist Bojan Preradovic performing in a 90's-Seattle-Grunge-like style. I'm not really a fan of the cover artwork, but somehow it fits with this expermental sound.


This album hit me really good, for a second I was like... Am I listening to "Tool" with William DuVall on vocals? then... Does the new "If These Trees Could Talk" album has electronic influences? Hmmm maybe I have an easier way to describe it, imagine if ALICE IN CHAINS had a bastard child with TOOL. Alice in Tooland, Aka "Kallisti"


In my humble opinion, I think that the band has somehow changed since their self-titled album which back then you could easily notice that TOOL were one of the main influences in the band's songs structure and the overall atmosphere. I remember even calling them "The Emirati Tool". Their self-titled EP was one of the best releases in the local scene back then. Add to it that it led them to open for METALLICA at Abu Dhabi's Yas Island Du Arena in 2013, so I'm really excited to know that it is likely to see these guys in the near future touring with names as GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT, MASTODON or RADIOHEAD. In the near future? Why not, I can clearly imagine it happening. They've got the passion, the talent, and the potential. They could reach anywhere they want with it.


In addition: This is a definitely a must-listen-album, combining Alternative Rock, Electronic, Progressive Metal and Post-Rock all into one. Don't miss this breathtaking journey with EYE! Just click HERE after you finish reading.





1. Sunyata

2. Greenflash

3. Red

4. The Blue Eyes Of A Dog

5. There Will Never Be

6. Entropy

7. Blue

8. Anomie

9. Lost In A Void That I Know Far Too Well

10. Untitled

11. Sama

12. God Has His Reasons

13. Green

14. The Call


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