JorZine - Divine Disorder - Garden of Dystopia

Divine Disorder - Garden of Dystopia

Label: Inazuma Productions

Reviewer: Mujtaba M Badr - 2015-02-07

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8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome with me, the bold and the beautiful, DIVINE DISORDER debut album, "Garden of Dystopia".


Since their debut single in 2012, Divine Disorder showed that they are something else than just a bunch of guys who want pass some time by playing music to bring the attention of those around. DIVINE DISORDER paved the way to their debut with such a professionalism that I've only seen in big bands. For example, each single had its own perfect digital booklet and high quality values of production. So it was no big surprise that their debut album gonna be as great as the singles.


DIVINE DISORDER plays what we can say Symphonic / Melodic Death Metal. You may say that you’ve heard enough of this genre, but as soon as the opening track "Pandora's Codex" kicks in with its fueled solo, the beautiful mix between harsh and clean vocals, you will know, that despite this might not be a ground breaking album, it is definitely a really solid and good album. And you keep feeling this as the album grows more and more with each track. The symphonic elements gets better and better, the melodic and amazing solos will take you directly to euphoria. Even with songs that are as long as 8 minutes, the band manages to pull it off without make you feeling any repetition or that they are stretching themselves.


I was totally blown by the musicianship in this record, despite that MeloDeath genre is suffering in general, a band from Middle East had put a debut album that puts most international bands to shame. The album is so rich and musically broad. Sometimes you feel it is pure MeloDeath as INSOMNIUM, or little proggy as IN MOURNING, or even more symphonic like EPICA as if they were going full MeloDeath.


I really want to see DIVINE DISORDER name to be more recognized, and to be more featured as a fine example for Metal from the Middle East. I hope that the folks behind DIVINE DISORDER will manage to spread their name among the Metal fans around the world.


01. Pandora’s Codex
02. Children of Menace
03. Enciphered III
04. The Gambit
05. The Arcanist
06. The Puppeteer
07. The Serpent 
08. Animus
09. Theatrical Demise
10. Cod.Ill.umi.nat.i.ons
11. Rusted Libra


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