JorZine - Sinister Frost - Cryotorment

Sinister Frost - Cryotorment

Label: MSR Productions

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-03

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Highlights:  Frost Vicar of God of The Death

I wonder why many black metal fans around the world consider the symphonic black metal genre mediocre and plastic, though many great efforts can be done with the keyboards to make the total sound more perfect than the regular black metal instruments. Many lessons of symphonic extreme music have been learned from Emperor while the second movement of black metal was thriving against the commercial music of the world, and all these lessons are still alive and many current melodic and symphonic black metal bands are considering Emperor as the ultimate teacher for their perfect music, and today Iam talking about the Russian symphonic black metal band "Sinister Frost" that released their debut album "Cryotorment" this year. 

The music of "Sinister Frost" is loud and soft, the vocals are coarse and the keyboards are warm, the guitar riffing is rough and full of might, I felt the warmth of the keyboards when I've lost myself for the first time in this record, the intro of the album gives you a small vision of how the warmth of the record will sound like. The track "Mystery of Sinister Forest" starts with short crystal keyboards melodies before the starting of a brutal black metal riff, the harsh vocals appear for the first time violently in this record, the keyboards keep active as the rhythm guitar blow the total sound with forceful and lively riffing, the skillfulness of the drumming gave force and motive for the production to be more bright. 


The second track "Nightmare" starts with an acoustic guitar section floats on the surface of the heated keyboards, some vocals show up with a low tune performance before the acoustic guitar section appears again, the song gets some motion with time before the blastbeating drums and the fast riffing hit its existence, the powerful harsh vocals and the energy of the guitars stand behind the wall of keyboards that gives this song more atmospheric feeling. The fourth track "Frost Vicar of God of The Death" is my favorite track in this record because it simply contains a lot of real melodic work, the keyboards intro and the active rhythm guitars mix with the tunes of the vocals, some sudden blastbeating drums appear sometimes to hit the bass, the song is full of life and strength. 


The track "Gomorrah And Sodom Part I" blows the album with its force and rush, its the most violent track in this record, the drums and the guitars dance tightly on the ground of the bass and the vocals, the keyboards show more quickness here too. The track "Gomorrah And Sodom Part II" continues the inspiration of the previous track, but this time it starts with a gentle section of atmospheric keyboards, the lead guitars then appeared to cover the melodies of the keyboards softly, the vocals stayed harsh here though I expected some warm clean vocals when I heard the track for the first time, the blastbeating angry drums show up again before the ending of the song. 


Many people nowadays search for atypical black metal metal records, I suggest this album for all the people who search for a music full of melodies and warm keyboards performance, if you are a fan of Emperor and Dimmu Borgir and you search for a music that contains a lot of melodic elements, then I present this album for you, though the album is somehow short (runs for about 30 minutes) but I really enjoyed every moment.


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