JorZine - Voice of the Soul - Catacombs

Voice of the Soul - Catacombs

Label: Self-released

Reviewer: Mujtaba M Badr - 2014-11-02

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8.5/10 8.5/10 7/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Quarantine, Perdition

1- Desolation

2- Perpetual Deception

3- Pendulum

4- Quarantine

5- Cold Rupture

6- The Mist

7- Perdition

8- Defiled

9- Images Subside (Feat.: Egan O’Rourke of Daylight Dies)


Genre: Progressive/Melodic Death Metal

For the fans of: Death (later releases), Insomnium, Opeth.

Self-released, 28 September 2014

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Hadi Sarieddine at Haven Studio

Album artwork by Hamood Hallak of MHD Graphics



First, let me confess, despite that Voice of the Soul has released three Eps prior to this album, none of them have really caught my ears and made me hooked into it. As a band, I respected their professionalism and their approach to the work they do, despite that we are in a very bad and weak metal scene here in the Middle East. Now, if I say that "Catacombs" surprised me, despite the fact I wasn't waiting that much from it after hearing first single “Pendulum", would make you wonder how is that, right?


First things first, "Catacombs" have a badass album cover, bold, and with heavy implications. This just make you expecting a music that match the album cover awesomeness. Sadly, that’s not gonna happen quickly, since you have to go deep inside the album until you get the real magic.


With each song into the album, VotS manages to grab your attention more and more. Kareem vocals had become more haunting, the guitar work between Monish and Kareem is now more solid than any time before.  And these things starts to show clearly in "Quarantine" and the songs after, the end part of Quarantine is one of the finest metal moments in our scene.


Another highlight song, "Perdition", which could be the album best song, and the most oriental one, is an epic song by all meanings, from riffs to melodies, all aces. And by the end of your journey you will be treated by the excellent “Images Subside" which features Egan O'Rourke, of Daylight Dies fame, as guest vocalist. The song is well executed, and really give the listener a pleasant experience for the fans of both bands.


With their debut album, Voice of The Soul completed their transformation into are liable solid band, that knows what it should do, and how to do it with their music. I hope the duo, Kareem and Monish, will find the way to keep this band alive, and they already managed to keep it despite all the distance between them. But maybe, for the next step they can solidify the band line-up, and start thinking to hit the next level, and show the world that the middle east have more than just Nervecell who know how to do some really great death metal.


In conclusion, "Catacombs" is a solid debut album from VotS, they are showing that they are getting more mature and experienced. Continuing down this way,  and solidify their steps within the scene, am sure they can grow up to have a name of their own, not just in the Middle East, but may be aboard too.


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