JorZine - Fistful of Metal - Vol. 7

Fistful of Metal - Vol. 7

Label: Various

Reviewer: Battlepig Claudia - 2014-09-16

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8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10


Fistful of Metal Vol. 7

Bands: Verdict, The Committee, Stormnatt, Cosmic Infusion


VERDICT - The Meaning Of Isolation

By: Battlepig Claudia


The German band VERDICT are no newcomer anymore. Already since 1991 on the road, they released late last year their fourth studio album which is called “The Meaning Of Isolation“.


The guys show here what Death Metal is. Very technical played the all in all nine songs are from the start energetic and powerful. The strong-willed doubleblast drumming gives the necessary rapidity and hardness. Suported by snotty, hard vocals which yet reinforces the aggressiveness of the production. Diversified riffs which are allowed to be melodic give the main points and nevertheless loses its hardness at no time. Forceful bass-lines complete the musical general view. From all components develops the typical sound of VERDICT. Variations in speed make additionally sure that “The Meaning Of Isolation“ doesn't gets boring. Mastered by no one else than Dan Swanö the guys did here everything right. Recorded with much blood, sweat and tears and very professional, I can only recommend “The Meaning Of isolation“ to every Death Metal fan!!!!


Rating: 8,6 / 10



THE COMMITTEE - Power Through Unity

By: Battlepig Claudia



THE COMMITTEE is an international Black Metal band. At the end of February 2014 they released their latest opus “Power Through Unity“ via Folter Records.


Atmospheric Black Metal resounds off my loudspeakers. Very intense, pitch-black tones which contain hardness and beauty at the same time within itselves. Bizarre musical dreamworlds of ice arise which let run a shiver down the listeners' spine. Feelings of hate, loneliness and misanthropy rise and manifest deep inside. A one-way ticket without hope for improvement or light implemented into notes. The very emotional growls of vocalist and guitarist Igor Mortis let look deep in his minds. The rhythm fraction does one last thing to emphasise hopelessness and darkness. Deep guitar sounds mixed with forceful bass-lines and a powerful drumming let arise an unique sound which let tumble the listener into a deep emotional hole. THE COMMITTEE completely renounce thereby of highspeed thrashing. Very dedicated and professional recorded “Power Through Unity“ gives the main points. An opus which you won't forget that fast. Here is giving a listen duty!!!!


Rating: 8,7 / 10



STORMNATT - Omega Therion

By: Battlepig Claudia



STORMNATT are back! Already since 2000 musically on the road the Austrians put in July 2014 their latest opus “Omega Therion“ on the market. It is distributed via Death Temple Studio.


A cold shiver runs down the listeners' spine while listening. Here is celebrated Old School Black Metal. Pictures of darkness and hopelessness develop in your mind. Kept primordial riffs which reflect nothing, but hopelessness and hate let arise feelings of deepest depression. A dark musical cloud which is raw and merciless. There doesn't help also any melodic insertions now and then. The emotional growls of vocalist Mord reinforce hardness and misanthropy. Surreal, but nevertheless real STORMNATT however renounce of blunt highspeed thrashing. The all in all seven songs all move in the mid tempo area. STORMNATT know what they want musically and they implement it in a subtle manner without thereby being too nostalgic. Sheer emotions which are drawn attention to very dedicated and professional and doesn't loose also in 2014 any impact. The guys unlearnt nothing over the years and deliver also here a strong piece of Black Metal. Listen to “Omega Therion“. It's worth it by all means!!!!


Rating: 8,8 / 10



COSMIC INFUSION - Cosmic Infusion

By: Battlepig Claudia



India is the home country of the band COSMIC INFUSION. Already since 2003 on the road musically they released last year together with Transcending Obscurity India their self titled debut cd.

To describe the music of COSMIC INFUSION is not easy. On the one hand extremely melodic of synthesizers solemn melodies which sound nevertheless dark and morbid. These are jazzed up and a bit hit up by harmonic riffs. On the other hand the aggressive drumming which has however never an superimposing effect and the very distinctive growls of vocalist and keyboarder Susha Shetty. These musical opposites enter an omnious smbiosis. Symphonic Black Metal are the final results. It is arbitrary and independent. The all in all five songs take the listener into weird, dark worlds which are beautiful and ugly at the same time. It is an interesting journey in the mid tempo area which gets along without any severe thrashing. An oppressive atmosphere develops, accompnied by little short of bombastic melodies. Very dedicated recorded you can recommend “Cosmic Infusion“ to each open-minded Black Metal fan! Listen to the cd, it's worth it!!!!


Rating: 8,5 / 10




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