JorZine - Fistful of Metal - Vol. 6

Fistful of Metal - Vol. 6

Label: Various

Reviewer: Battlepig Claudia - 2014-08-29

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8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10


Fistful of Metal Vol. 6
Bands: Narsamhaar, Ordog, Enthroned, Lachrymanopsia


NARSAMHAAR - Genocide Euphoria
By: Battlepig Claudia


We know that Nepal is not quite known as the Metal country. NARSAMHAAR want to change this with their cd “Genocide Euphoria“. Have a look what the outcome is.


You can hear here Death Metal. Riffs which come in once melodic then again aggressive and brute or poach into Thrash Metal realms combined with a dark Death Metal base frames to all in all seven songs which are severe and memorable. The dark, emphatic growls give also the main points and yet reinforce the tense atmosphere. Musical worlds of horror and blood develop which doesn't relinquish the listener that fast. Thereby the songs develop an independent existence of hardness and forcefulness. Variations in speed give the necessary variety in order not to sound monotonous. You have to bring along here a lot of stamina, but it's worth it! Very dedicated and recorded with much blood, sweat and tears. I can only recommend “Genocide Euphoria“ to each Death Metal fan!!!!


Rating: 8,5 / 10



ORDOG - Trail For The Broken
By: Battlepig Claudia


The Finns ORDOG are no newbees anymore. Already since 2005 musically on the road they released in March 2014 their fourth cd which is called “Trail For the Broken“ via Violent Journey Records.


The cd initially stars very calm and dignified. “The Trail“ has an effect quite without any vocals and technical folderol. The following song “Scythe“ disturbs the tranquility and relaxation abruptly. ORDOG now show where the musical journey will really lead us to. Doom Metal studded with several Death Metal elements is the topic now. Halting riffs which fluctuate between boredom and extremely touching result in the dark, awe-inspiring base frame. Inserted clean vocal passages support the aspects of monotony and loneliness. These seemingly extremes unite to an independent musical mass which sounds unique and nevertheless familiar. Worlds of despair, depression and darkness develop which offer no escape. You have to time in order to get to know “Trail For The Broken“. It is a very emotional cd which goes deep inward. Without any compromises, straight and sustainable composed, ORDOG demand here a lot from the listener. But, it is worth by all means to come at this musical journey!!!!


Rating: 8,6 / 10



ENTHRONED - Sovereigns
By: Battlepig Claudia


ENTHRONED are the old hands of the Belgium Black Metal and probably also one of the most controversial bands. The will release in April 2014 their by now tenth studio album which is called “Sovereigns“ via Agonia Reords.


Also at this production, the gents offeer us heavy, modern food. Halting riffs which are hard to beat concerning darkness, come upon primordial Black Metal. The little short of inhuman fast doubleblast drumming reinforces hardness and coldness of the songs. Riddled with several slower passages originates a pitch-black, very independent musical mixture which is loaded. Small noise insertions and seemingly chaotic riffs gives “Sovereigns“ the ENTHRONED typical experimental sprinkling. Nevertheless the all in all nine songs never lose its Black Metal base frame. Supported by the distinctive voice of vocalist and lead guitarist Nornagest the listener is led into icecold realms of the bizarre kind. “Sovereigns“ got no easy to consume cd. But, who expects this already of ENTHRONED? The single songs disclose its multifacetedness only after repeated listening. Professionally recorded, the songs have bite and sustainability. A fireworks of drum tones to the listener which he doesn't forget that fast. The gents planned big things which they were able to implement perfectly. ENTHRONED are successful as one of the few bands to play modern Black Metal in the year 2014 without sacrifice its darkness. Absolutely a must-buy!!!!


Rating: 9 / 10



By: Battlepig Claudia


The Canadians LACHRYMANOPSIA released their cd “Released“ in in-house production. What can I hear here? Death Metal in the year 2014. Modern edited and presented with many melodic insertions. Thereby develop quite weird, unusual songs which are nevertheless Death Metal through and through. Seemingly randomly strung together pieces which contain distinct traces of Black Metal give a rendezvouz with Death Metal base frames. Chopped riffs, weird synthesizer insertions, yes, even the bass-lines are partially very needed getting used to defer a symbiosis with hard doubleblast drumming and dark, snotty growls. Piano insertions relax the dark, curious atmosphere a bit without taking “Release“ to the bite. It thereby came out all in all seven songs which disclose only at repeated listening its entire multifacetedness. A very unusual mixture which delights. The songs are despite of all gimmickry forceful and fresh. Technically adept recorded LACHRYMANOPSIA exactly know what they want musically. An extraordinary production which soothing contrasts of the other Death Metal mishmash. Get preferably an idea of your own! It's worth it!!!!


Rating: 8,5 / 10



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