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Aramaic - The Fallen

Label: Self-released

Reviewer: Tarek - 2014-08-19

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Since the rise of Metal music, mythology has been a great topic that inspired many artists to write and make music about. As it moved from continent to another, we started to see local bands embedding more traditional beliefs and historical stories in their music. The Middle East wasn't apart from that, as lately we saw more bands integrating mythological and spiritual icons from the pharaonic culture to the Babylonian one. This time the UAE-based band ARAMAIC choose the Aramean culture to inspire their name and to be the core concept of their debut EP "The Fallen".


The EP starts with the title track that tells the story of an infuriated love tragedy, kicking off with nice oriental melodies before the heavy guitar chords kick in, giving the track a significant death touch with a gloomy doom vipe over it, made by the lyrics and the clean interludes. The dual vocal lines were one of the most ear-catching elements in track, combining between deep death growls with the snake voice and squeal screams over it.


The second and shortest track entitled "The Pledge" comes out spitting power and fire from the first tone, with almost no oriental influence here. The music made the perfect background to war-prayer-themed lyrics, starting with fast tempo riffs and melodic guitar licks before the drums offers some nice blast beats. Towards the end, the track turns to a calm clean passage between the verses, which turns to be one of my favorite parts in the album, specially because of the bass work.


"The Summoning", the last track on the EP, starts with a nice oriental percussion and acoustic riff before a vicious scream takes the track to a more doomy vibe, almost the most close approach in the EP to Doom Metal construction, specially with gloomy lead and the breaks where the bass does his usual thing again with his catchy tones. The album ends up with a more high-tempo riff leading to an oriental percussion and acoustic outro too.


Being their first release, ARAMAIC shows a lot of potential and raised my expectation to their upcoming work very early with a very high quality production. The tracks were mixed and mastered in a very professional way, specially the bass and drums, as they were very clear and have a unique tone with the record overall was almost out of glitches.


The composition of the tracks was interesting, moving from death oriented riffs to doomy ones coating them with oriental breaks here and there, which on the up-side gave me a different taste of what these guys can do, but raised a question if this varying style may work out in a full album, or they would grow into a more specific and consistant music style.


The oriental parts were the most appealing parts to me but they weren't as integrated in the music as I hoped, as the main construction of the tracks was almost free from them, and I wish they could integrate it more in their upcoming releases.


Coming from the UAE, it's really heart-warming to see more new fresh bands experimenting with music, offering more traditional cultural themes from a very rich heritage and doing it with such a professional and stylish way, raising their standards really early, leaving us expecting nothing less than a top-notch full-album for their next release.





1.The Fallen
2.The Pledge
3.The Summoning


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