JorZine - Within Temptation Live in Lebanon

Within Temptation Live in Lebanon

Label: Roadrunner Records

Reviewer: Joey Jadam - 2012-08-01

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9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10

Highlights:  Most of the show was interesting

I would like to begin this review by saying: ‘Sharon Del Adel is the HOTTEST female vocalist I have ever seen.’ I am sorry but I just had to get that out…

That being said, I got to the venue at 7 PM, the doors were still closed but the crowd was already huge! Everyone was waiting to get a good place with a nice view. Except for me – I chilled in the back.



The doors opened at about 8, Anneke vVan Giersbergen’s band (opening band) started playing at about 9 until 10. Their show was pretty boring; the songs were good, but still boring. I enjoyed one song though, a cover of a track by The Gathering(in which Anneke is the vocalist). I was the only person in the crowd singing along, everyone kept looking at me… which was pretty awesome. After every song,  Anneke would say, ‘thank you, you were wonderful’. It got very predictable by the end until she surprised us and said, ‘thank you, goodnight!’ My mind was blown, really. Still, much respect to you Anneke!



The stage looked pretty cool, it had two levels to it and two sets of stairs, so the musicians had some freedom to jump and walk around. It was the first time I saw something like that in Lebanon, though, it’s still a cool idea that I enjoyed.



There was a 30 minute break or so between the opening act and Within Temptation, most of us just sat on the floor waiting. Within Temptation finally arrived after 30 minutes of Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin coming out of the speakers.


The show started out with a visual introduction of a very old woman who wants to demolish evil, it was very moving.  The band fulfilled a spectacular performance that definitely met everyone’s expectations and maybe even exceeded them. Within Temptation mostly played songs from their new album, in addition to songs from older albums like, “What Have You Done”, “Our Solemn Hour”, “The Heart of Everything” and, “Mother Earth”. People were going crazy throughout the whole concert; the show was just so alive and exciting!  There was lots of headbanging, and one or two small moshpits here and there, a great time altogether!



The concert got to that part where the band suddenly disappears, waits for an encore, and comes back at about 11:30. I must say that bit has gotten very predictable, it happens at every concert! When I watched Evanescence, she came back without an encore! Not planned at all, not a bit. Still, it hasn’t gotten old and yet we all did scream for an encore because we love the band so much, they came back and played a few more songs which were, ‘especially for us’ (to quote Sharen).


The band ended with, “Mother Earth” at about 12 AM. They took a picture of themselves with the whole crowd and said goodnight and that we were amazing and that they hope to see us again. We all got out of there as soon as the band was off the stage since none of us could even stand anymore.


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