JorZine - Aenaon - Extance [Review]

Aenaon - Extance [Review]

Label: Code666 Records

Reviewer: Rami Al-jumaily - 2014-02-23

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9.5/10 10/10 9/10 10/10 10/10


I always say that greek people have their special touches in music , they can transform melodies into mental signals that strikes your mind and totally rip it off , and when it comes to black metal they just take you to a whole new world .


And one of the new icons specialized in creating these dark atmospheres is : Aenaon , a black metal band made in 2005 and released so far two full-length albums and a couple of EP's and Demos .


The album Extance is released January 20th by : Code666 records , 2014 as a great start of this year , the albums was made of 11 epic tracks and it started with "The First Art" a great creepy intro of sharp piano melodies and atmospheric dark touches and then a rough wave of riffs to throw us to the next track "Deathtrip Chronicle" a really aggressive vocals mixed with supporting aggressive riffs and some depressive guitar solos followed by clean back vocals in which reminded me of the band "Shining" all of this is wrapped with and a wonderful saxophone performance to left you staring like a lunatic .


" Grau Diva" is the third track which I consider it as black musical vortex , a beastly creature that eats your mind with weapons of heavy bass and avant-garde moments , the song has a mid-tempo rhythm that reminds me of "Satyricon" but with a psychedelic flavor added by the keyboard to make it just perfect , moving to the next track "A Treatise on the Madness of God" as a progressive black metal track and grim in a changing tempo structure on the other side the Epic clean vocals and the ambient touches made it special , "Der Mude Tod" is a special track with a perfect blend of blast beats and ripping guitar sounds the whole atmosphere is then dominated by an ethnic section of a saxophone solo to leave mentally sick and lost .


Then comes " Pornocrates" a short acoustic break from this dominating madness , but don’t think its just a solid acoustic track , because it’s a dark jazz track just to complete the whole great effort and to prepare for the next nightmare " Closer to Scaffold " this track is like a student in the school of "Shining" the band , but of course with the band's mad touch starting with a great rhythm guitar tune and depressive black metal vocals and the sick keyboard elements and closing with magical spoken vocals and words of dark philosophy .


This wonderful album continues with " Land of No Water " one of the special tracks in this album and a latterly : a musical shaped monster , the track a struggle between reality and void , the track gives us an epic mixture of sick music between black metal and jazz combined with piano and some ill vocals and psychedelic end of Avant-garde magic , moving then to another break , but this one is a cinematic one called" Algernon's Decadence" its like its melodies are creeping up to your brain and leave you in horror breathless .


The album then is almost finished with " Funeral Blues " a black-jazz metal masterpiece that gives you an impression of gloomy jazz ambient its like you are in a bar with an atmosphere full of smoke , saxophone and piano ambient , the track features " Tanya Leontiou " the expert of the traditional Doom Metal band " Universe217 " to make EPIC , the album unfortunately end and perfectly with " Palindrome " a perfect example of Extreme Progressive Metal in its finest , almost 13 minutes of a brilliant music and creativity of mixing and producing .


Now I think this album is the best in 2014 so far , and it’s the best choice of the fans who seek the legendary heritage of band such as : Shining , Satyricon , Emperor and Ihsahn , the album is just an epic masterpiece of sick music that will make your day and im really proud that I reviewed it .


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