JorZine - Rhapsody Of Fire - Dark Wings Of Steel

Rhapsody Of Fire - Dark Wings Of Steel

Label: AFM Records

Reviewer: Manel Lilioth - 2013-12-05

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After the release of Ascending to Infinity in 2012, the first album of Rhapsody with Luca Turilli sole command, now it is the turn of Rhapsody of Fire to be led by Alex Staropoli and release his first album since the separation of the two leaders. It is clear that the ideas and the inspiration are not from the game with the Dark Wings of Steel lukewarm, from a group that seems to have lost his epic rage.

Indeed, the eleven songs that make this album starved imagination and variety. Structures are repetitive and unimaginative securities, given the epic compositions what could provide the group in the past. Here, if the fantasy theme persists, epic on the back of "mighty dragon" flights in search of a magical sword are far, evidenced dishes "Flames Rising From Tragic" refrains, "Tears of Pain" or "My sacrifice ", among others. We also note an almost total neglect of speed. Apart from the trivial "Silver Lake of Tears" and the aponym "Dark Wings of Steel", we are left with the mid-tempo full cartons, which is reminiscent of Triumph or Agony (2006), which is not remain in the annals. The general slowness of the album combined with lack of inspiration inexorably causes a feeling of boredom, which climaxed at the insipid ballad "Custos di Pace".



Following the staffing changes, looks are obviously inclined towards Roberto Micheli, which is grafted in place of Luca Turilli, the sound and the game contributed to the identity of Rhapsody of Fire. His feeling is more rock than its predecessor, with a neoclassical strand of influences, including solos "My Sacrifice" and "Dark Wings of Steel". Unfortunately, if some solos are significant ("A Tale of Magic", "Sad Mystic Moon"), they are often uninspired, either by being banal, either by taking the vocals of the chorus ("Tears of Pain").
Now at the helm, Alex Staropoli take the opportunity to put forward his keyboards, engaging in duels with Roberto Micheli or providing the lead on some songs ("Angel of Light"), with more or less success. Equally at production, Alex has more emphasis on the group and a little hidden cinematic aspect, which seems to have been led by Luca Turilli. Note that the management chorus was completely redesigned, so they take precedence over the voice of the singer Fabio Lione which it was hopeless, especially on the chorus of "Angel of Light" or "Sad Mystic Moon."

If Dark Wings of Steel has some flashes of brilliance, like the interesting "A Tale of Magic" or statutory "Sad Mystic Moon", down misplaced diet for Rhapsody of Fire, which is being rebuilt one notices . Between past glory and uncertain future, it is difficult to predict if the Italians will rebound after this tribute.





01 - Vis Divina
02 - Rising From Tragic Flames
03 - Angel Of Light
04 - Tears Of Pain
05 - Fly To Cristal Skies
06 - My Sacrifice
07 - Silver Lake Of Tears
08 - Custode Di Pace
09 - A Tale Of Magic
10 - Dark Wings Of Steel
11 - Sad Mystic Moon


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