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Satyricon - Satyricon

Label: Roadrunner Records

Reviewer: Manel Lilioth - 2013-10-04

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Highlights:  Ageless Northern Spirit, Phoenix

This new album is consistent with the rule that seems to have fixed years Satyr and Frost, two brains combo native Oslo. By providing us with a new album fairly accessible, the duo continues to ride a wave of simplicity and efficiency. This, again, is not likely to please everyone. If fans from the first hour long have issued some criticism about the evolution given by Satyr and Frost to their music, the two individuals continue their merry way without worrying about criticism.



They hard provided an affordable music in this album, if it has been simplified and streamlined compared to The Age Of Nero is nevertheless mesmerizing, at least on most of the album. For the two men still swinging epic securities whose rhythmic effect did that make you tilt the head back and forth, some pieces may well effervescing fans of the early group. Very conformist, "Phoenix", the fifth title of the disc, seeing Sivert Høyem, singer Madrugada, ensure the sung parts. Simple and catchy, Satyricon provides here a title very commercial end; the outright pop tunes will undoubtedly be able to attract new fans to the group.


In terms of black metal, Satyricon still plays in a way very distinctive black album finally, the group reduced to its simplest expression. On the verge of death, the pace is still slow compared to that of previous games and flirting with a very atmospheric wave. It will mention the title away from the favorite style developed by the group for years and let the listener be lulled by the rhythmic holding an iron hand by Frost and by melodies created by Satyr which the voice, he kept one side more than magic.


In conclusion, this eponymous album surely leave more dubiously fan compared to the evolution Satyricon gives his music, do we have to face facts! With the exception of one or two songs, this album is a fine achievement and may well fulfill its purpose.



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