JorZine - Winterblood - Herbstsehnsucht

Winterblood - Herbstsehnsucht

Label: Le Crapuscule du Soir Productions

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-08-31

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  My Eternal Grave, Mit jedem Abschied wird Erinnerung geboren

I've always believed that Gemany has the most active Black Metal scene in the world, a lot of bands there are flowing excellent releases like a cascade of blackened melodies, and today here is the band WINTERBLOOD is releasing its debut album Herbstsehnsucht for all the fans who like to hear the black metal riffs that sink deeply inside the post black metal influences, letting a lot of listeners having multiple eargasms while listening to such music. This wont be a normal record for the people who like typical black metal sound, so prepare your ear for some graceful variations.


Though the band has been formed in 2007, it took about six years for the debut album to be ready, and this is really enough time to create memorable materials, and the band has passed the exam of time with these materials, because many moments there are catchy and tasteful. The album "Herbstsehnsucht" contains of eight tracks, seven of are in German lyrics, and ony the track "My Eternal Grave" has an English title. The title of the album means something like "Autumn Nostalgia" in English, and this title fits the music that has been created perfectly, the cold-freezing guitar riffs are merged with the nostalgic guitar playing and the melancholic vocals that have been done by Fall. From the autumnal artwork, you can clearly notice that the fabric of the sound in this album represents the autumn mood for the fans of Post Black Metal, especially for those ears that enjoy the raging angry vocals that mixed with the warm singing throat. Though I don't understand the lyrics of this record, but I enjoy every single guitar section, because the yellow color of the leaves on the artwork are reflected in the songwriting here, especially in the tracks

The cold feelings within the chord progressions have shaped the structural sound of this record to fit a rainy day with very strong winds, where the rains can dance with the depressive atmosphere of the guitars and the winds can take away the aggressive moments of the guitars and the monstrous harsh vocals. There are a lot of tracks to recommend in this record, such as the tracks "Saturnnebel" and "Mit jedem Abschied Wird Erinnerung Geboren", both tracks are means in English "Saturn Fog" and "With Every Farewell a Memory is Born", these tracks for example brief the musical style for this record, where the depressive Black Metal vocals and the atmospheric chants are drowning inside the walls of clean and distorted guitar tunes. The moods of post and depressive Black Metal exist in this record, with some shreds of shoe gaze temper, this combination is really good and the members are doing the sound in the head, not cloning any other band in the scene, which makes the originality valuable for those who search for original and talented combination of genres.

It's not easy at all for any extreme Metal band to combine many musical influences and genres and to keep a wise balance between the materials, but WINTERBLOOD here has reached the sound in their heads and this sound is now waiting your ears inside the CDs, so get your copy now and start living this autumnal and extreme coldness. It's not an easy album to swallow, but if you're a fan of Black Metal with Avant-garde emotions, and you like to hear some opera singing inside the cold Black Metal riffs, then the full-length album "Herbstsehnsucht" is right here.



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