JorZine - Destroyers Of All - Into The Fire

Destroyers Of All - Into The Fire

Label: Self-released

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-08-30

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7/10 7/10 7/10 7/10 7/10

Highlights:  Into the Fire, Astral Projection

If you're not familiarized with the Portuguese extreme Metal scene, then here you have a great chance to be introduced, the Death / Groove Metal band DESTROYERS OF ALL has recently released the debut EP album “Into The Fire”, for the tough fans of the hammering Death Metal riffs that lie behind the groovy influences. If you're searching for a Death Metal release that can punish your mood so hard and fill your brain with energy and anger, then you have to get a bottle of whisky and a copy for this record right now.

“Into The Fire” will be a good meal for you, because the amount of Death Metal riffs is mixed well with the groovy Metal licks, with some Thrash Metal odors inside the mixture. The catchy riffs and the energy that has been planted in this groovy metal structure are well performed; the members have managed to deliver a lot of strength through this record. The palm muted distorted guitars and the thrashed drumbeats are mixed very well in front of the bass-lines, making the whole sound a total assault and an adventuresome experience for the fans of PANTERA and SEPULTURA. The performance of the vocalist has really captured my thoughts for a awhile, these powerful shouts and screams reminded me of the vocal sections that we hear in TESTAMENT, Chuck Billy was the first vocalist that passed my mind while listening to this record. I am pretty sure that the fans of Thrash Metal and Death Metal will enjoy the structure of these tracks; such efforts are really respectful in the global metal scene. Though there are many interesting moments in this record, but I actually needed to hear more variation and fresh ideas in this record, so I hope the band will be able to do this in the full-length album.

The EP album contains of six tracks, including two instrumental tracks. The longest tracks are "Soul Retrieval" and "M4", each track runs for more than six minutes, and both tracks present a good example of how to get the Death Metal riffs wet by the groovy guitar licks, providing good vocal techniques and powerful performance for those who search for energetic metal tracks, with intense tempos (that gets slower magically in “M4”) and furious atmosphere. The Jazz influences in the track "Into the Fire" added another side for the band, a side full of influences and talent, where every single melody gets out of the instrument in the perfect time. The instrumental track "Nothing Left" ends this record with some charming acoustic guitar passages, ending the 25 minutes journey in a catchy way.

There are a lot of reasons for the Death Metal fans to like the tracks of this EP, especially the listeners who like the dry groovy guitar licks, so if you like to hear a hot mixture of the groovy side of PANTERA and the catchy shouts of TESTAMENTS, then you have to get a copy for this CD right now and start living this groovy experiment.



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