JorZine - Kimaera - The Harbinger of Doom

Kimaera - The Harbinger of Doom

Label: Stygian Crypt Productions

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2013-08-30

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8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 7.5/10 8/10

Highlights:  "Ancient Serpents", " Daughter of Eve", "Aged Wine and Woe"

Kimaera, the lebanese Atmospheric Doom/Death-metallers, recently recorded and finished their upcoming album "The Harbinger of Doom". The story of this super mid-eastern talents started in 2000 when they started as a heavy metal band under the name "Chimera". What I like about Kimaera is that they taks me back to the first wave of doom metal. It's like as if they were born alongside with My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost and Anathema, they just proofed to the world that in metal music there is no maps and that it can be found everywhere.



There are very few albums that I consider to have helped to truly shape my musical taste, and I also still consider to be absolute perfection. This is one of them for the mid-east region. Well, to be honest, I don't listen to doom metal like this every second of the day. When I do, it is when I am tired in both mind and body, when I want to clear my mind and to be alone. Perhaps in this time, that kind of music is most identifiable, and most appreciated and understood.


The guitars stand out to me, with very somber, melancholic and even - in some ways - crying melodies in the leads. When the heavier riffs comes into play, it is always crushing, oppressive - invoking a sensation of colossal burden, a sound that is as heavy as the inevitability of the tears of loss itself.


Vocalist JP Haddad had the looks and the voice this doom metal needs. Not too deep, but with a melancholic approach. Another powerful spot are the drums. They are always played tight enough and in the live environment these songs sounded better and heavier. Their style is still firmly based upon the first "Cathedral"-album with an obvious touch of early Paradise Lost, but the keyboards and the violin give it an extra romantic atmosphere.


This band creates a unique eerie atmosphere by using keyboards and the vocalist’s low deep growl that compliments the slow-paced guitars and drum. "Ancient Serpents" is a great opener and immediately sets the tone for the rest of the album: melancholic, slow and sorrowful.

"Daughter of Eve" and "Praising my Pain" both are standout tracks, very somber and dark, the music actually evokes feelings of hopelessness and depression.

"The Harbinger of Doom" is infused with a great deal of keyboards that give the whole song a dramatic feeling.

The band knows exactly when to change from a mid-paced tempo, to a devastatingly slow and heavy one and vice versa. This album is recommended for fans of old school doom metal in the vein of early Anathema and The Gathering. The album continues with "A Casual Stray" and "The Script of Sorrow" the two tracks that sound a bit more aggressive. They round out what is a very strong release that will not disappoint fans of doom metal in general, the female vocals are impressionable in the slightest and just as the word perfect describes. The band put magic on the entire album and speared the mediocrity on occasions too: in this part i am in particular speaking about songs like "Claim the Dark", "Blood of Saints" and "Aged Wine and Woe" - these songs show some high class material.


The last track in this album is a cover of the legendary band Anathema, it's the track "Lost Control" (maybe some of you have seen it cause it kinda went viral in the web): A very unique version of this track, especially combined with harsh vocals it's from now one of my favorite covers I ever listened to, and a wonderful adaption for the song theme.


All in all, this album has an amazing feeling and atmosphere, and it would be perfect for fans of doom death metal, no more words to say!!!



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