JorZine - Outlying - Scars of Daylight

Outlying - Scars of Daylight

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-03

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8.5/10 8.5/10 9/10 7/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Forgotten Instinct, Cult Of Dysphoria

The Canadian extreme metal scene is full of skillful and great metal bands that have the ability to create memorable records and excellent tracks. I've been always a loyal fan to the Canadian metal masters "Annihilator" and "Voivod" and other acts like "Quo Vadis" and "Cryptopsy", and I am really glad today because I found the death metal band "Outlying" and had their debut album "Scars of Daylight".

The self-released album contains a lot of melodic and hard elements within the fabric of the tracks, these three guys have managed to build a balanced tower of music full of death and thrash and metal influences, even the black metal feelings can be felt sometimes beneath the throat of the vocalist. The production is clear and coarse which gives the instruments a wide range of void to capture, the sound of the drums fits the sound of the color of the distortion guitars very well, and this warm and soft quality gave the vocalist a huge space to dominate as the guitars scream behind him. About an hour of extreme heavy riffs and headbanging atmosphere have been recorded for all the fans of the metal fans, so enjoy discovering the highness of these melodies. 


There are many highlighted tracks in this record, because the huge efforts that have been done in the songwriting and the recording are really admirable and respectful. The track "Forgotten Instinct" is a great choice for the band to open  the album with, a lot of mid-paced moments and thrashing moments have been built behind the crispy voice of the vocalist and behind the epic drumming. The thrashing moments that collide with the death metal elements existed in the track "The Sleepwalker" and "Breed Of Worms" and "Ephemeral", and this collision has been done professionally by the three members and their vital inspiration. The magnificence of the fast melodies captured the riffs of the tracks "Corruptive Agent" and "Cult Of Dysphoria" and gave the listeners a great opportunity to headbang over these energetic and hard music. 


Tracks like "The Last Time" was somehow different than the other tracks of the album, because the track started its long trip with a clean guitar section and some clean vocals passages, this amazing track contained a lot of influences and a lot of warm and rough riffs inside of it which make it simply one of the best tracks in this album. The track "Lucid Immorality" starts also with a clean guitar strumming section and a skilled bass bridge before the riffs cut the whole atmosphere, in the middle of the track I realized that this album doesn't have enough lead guitar works and solos. The instrumental track "Sailing On The Seas Of Emptiness" is the longest track in this record and the most dynamic track too, the lead guitar in this track was active and full of atmospheric melodies and clean guitar sections around the solid sound of the rhythm guitars. 


In the end, the members of this band have done a great job here and this album really deserve to have more attention, a lot of headbanging and atmospheric moments have mixed the thrash elements with the roughness of the death metal elements to produce such an admirable album. If you are into the death metal music and you like to pick a special album for your ears, then you have to check this album as fast as you can and listen to all these tracks that swallow the thrash metal flavor into a stomach of death metal treasure. Get your copy now and enjoy the taste of the Canadian death metal blasts.


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