JorZine - Ancient Crypts - Devoured By Serpents

Ancient Crypts - Devoured By Serpents

Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-08-28

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7/10 7/10 7/10 7/10 7/10

Highlights:  Devoured by Serpents, Deep into the Ancient Crypts

The weather is getting hotter and hotter every day in my place, and nothing can fix my mood now but a good Death Metal record that can capture my thoughts and force me to headbang. ANCIENT CRYPTS is a Death Metal act from the heart of Chile, an act that wishes to deliver the sound of the old school Death Metal to the ones who adore the ancient Death riffs and for those freaks that love to headbang under the wall of dusty old school Death Metal riffs.

ANCIENT CRYPTS has been formed in 2012, and released two demos too far, the demo “Devoured by Serpents” has been released before few weeks for listeners like me to headbang on. The demo contains of five tracks, including an instrumental introduction. The sound that the members tried to create in “Devoured by Serpents” summons the influences of the American Death Metal scene, and sometimes you can smell the odors of the early 90s Swedish Death Metal era between the riffs, making the whole combinations interesting for the fans of this music. The line-up of the band is not completed, which makes it hard for the band to sound perfect, but these two members have managed to make everything as headbanging as possible for those who'll get the copy of this demo.


If you're a fan of INCANTATION and DEAD CONGREGATION then the tracks of these albums will steam through your ears peacefully, though the amount of originality is not enough, but it's not bad at all for such a young group. The track "Deep into the Ancient Crypts" starts with a doomy riffing style, adding a whole new dimension for the band, and the tune of the guitars sets the mood perfectly for your thirsty ears. The atmosphere that these two guys tried to create contains of an evil sound, a raw distortion and an ancient effect, and the total sound will be perfect for the worshippers of ASPHYX, especially the crispy sharpness of the guitars in the tracks "Between the Mortuary Remains" and "Devoured by Serpents". The materials that the band has produced in this demo are not bad at all, but again I really missed the taste of originality and the fresh ideas, especially in the guitar techniques, and it's clear to me that the performance (which is not bad at all) is influenced very much by the 90s Death Metal scene, influenced to a point where the originality has nearly no place at all.


Skullfukk and Nyarlathotep have presented respectful materials in this demo, and these materials will be stored in the library of the Death Metal scene forever, though the originality is my only complaint, but I think that the sound of this demo is really promising, so I wish the next releases for this group will be more matured and experienced, and I will be waiting their upcoming materials because I really enjoy such aged / furious Death Metal structure.


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