JorZine - Secretpath - Wanderer And The Choice

Secretpath - Wanderer And The Choice

Label: Art Gates Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-08-27

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Still Darkness of the Abyss, And so I Return to the River

As the Italian extreme Metal scene keeps drugging the world with interesting and solid metal albums, the hunger never stops in the veins of the extreme Metal listeners, and some skilled groups like the Italian SECRETPATH tried this year to satisfy every single ear in this existence with the releasing of their debut album "Wanderer And The Choice", so if you're an extreme Metal freak then you have to leave everything behind and get a copy of this record now from Art Gates Records.

Though the band has been formed in 2008, the debut album has been released this year, which means that the band took a long time to create a memorable record, especially when the genre of the music got sophisticated. The record sums the elements of the Technical Death Metal music and the Black Metal music in one cooker, with some spicy Progressive and Folk influences from time to time, making the whole sound varied and interesting for all the freaks of extreme Metal music. The lyrical theme of the band has a wide range of philosophy and inner struggles, and such a lyrical theme fits this kind of music perfectly, because a lot of metal listeners prefer this type of lyrical theme over the dark \\ evil lyrical theme. The artwork shows a person on a crossed road, the spring world is located in the right and the autumn world is located in the left, I liked the idea of the artwork and I can clearly see that it describes the variety of this record.

The album contains of ten tracks that runs for more than 58 minutes, so this won't be a short journey for you, so clear your mind and prepare yourself for an extraordinary trip. The vocalist Paolo Ferrante has managed to provide a lot of vocal techniques in this record, from the deep growling and the throaty vocals and to the clean ballad and simple vocals, which made some tracks like "I'm Your Guide" and "And So I Return To The River" very interesting and enjoyable for all the fans of Death / Black and Heavy Metal. The combinations of influences are huge and countless in this record, but some tracks like "Essence Of Chaos" have a constant flow of aggressive\technical sound throughout the time, but in the other hand, there are tracks like "From The Woods Of Lilith" keeps surprising the ears with different influences while playing, I can clearly notice that the efforts of creating such a complex musical structure are really significant.

To be honest, I enjoyed every single track in this record and I guess every single listener will enjoy the amount of flowing influences of this record, but at the same time this record for the grim fans who search for a typical Death Metal record, because the band has managed to break all the borders around the genres and mix everything together to make such a delicious sound for a wide range of listeners. I didn’t like all the clean vocals in this record and I found some of them are overstated and not enjoying, but overall the vocal efforts are very good.

This is a very solid debut album, and I think that this record will be one of the best debut albums of the year, and the experienced and professional musical fabric that the band has created in this record is not common at all, the band will have a very bright future and I will be waiting more releases for these skilled guys.





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