JorZine - Watain - The Wild Hunt

Watain - The Wild Hunt

Label: Century Media Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-08-17

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9/10 9.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 9/10

Highlights:  Black Flames March, Wild Hunt, They Rode On

As a worshiper for the Swedish black\death metal band Dissection, I find the Swedish black metal band Watain one of the best black metal bands nowadays in that realm, with the unlimited blasphemous visions and the never-ending fresh musical ideas I can put Watain on the list of the best black metal performers in this era, where most of the black metal bands are going deaf and cant stop cloning each others.



With evil atmosphere and old school guitar technics, the band presents the fifth full-length album The Wild Hunt, as a gift for all those are thirsty for more blackened riffs and serious occultism. Some rapid patterns and some mid-paced riffs are combined all together to create a whole new sound for the band, influenced by the best black metal bands on earth and of course influenced by their previous releases. The record is a very interesting\killer journey into the depth of the band's discography, where the melodies and the piano collide together after and before a huge amount of destructive down-tuned distortion. A throat made of rotten meat is producing the vocals for this record, where the corrupt, vicious, abusive vocal verses are being spit toward your face.The album starts with a soft-warm clean guitar passages and surrounding strings, "Night Vision" is a short track that runs less than four minutes just to prepare your filthy ears for the total destruction of the next tracks, the clean guitar passages and the keyboards meet with the black metal sound of the drumming and the guitars making an excellent introduction for this album. When the second track "De Profundis" starts blowing from your speakers, you can start enjoying the tormenting melodies of the members and the slashing vocal verses.


The tracks "Sleepless Evil" and "De Profundis" are the fastest pieces here, and you can actually hear the angry drumming and its lunatic patterns and blast-beats. Some tracks came like surprises to me, such as "They Rode On" that contains clean vocals and a very sacred-serene atmosphere, and the track "Ignem Veni Mittere" that starts with double clean guitars and continues into an amazing lead guitar shreds behind the darkened rhythmic distortion, making a very excellent instrumental track.The Wild Hunt is one of those albums that you cannot pick a favorite track from, because simply every single track are full of efforts and melodies, making your mind chanted and drenched with the decayed sound of the Swedish black metal. I can clearly notice that the tracks "Black Flames March" and "Holocaust Dawn" are catchier than the previous tracks in terms of the compositions, and the zombified black metal vocals are making the compositions more sharp and vicious, and sure the raw production that gives the tracks a freezing cold atmosphere.


Everything you need to hear in a black metal vocals are here, rapid and slow guitar sections, tactical and blastbeat drumming, blackened crispy and clean and spoken vocals, solos and keyboards, its really hard to hate anything about this record!Overall, there are a lot of black metal releases this year, but most of them will be forgotten under the shelf, but here is Watain is presenting you an album to be memorable in all of your lifetime, a record that combines everything you wish to hear in a black metal release, so pick this record and enjoy the true Swedish darkened art.



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