JorZine - Starkill - Fires of Life

Starkill - Fires of Life

Label: Century Media Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-07-22

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9.5/10 9/10 9/10 7/10 9/10

Highlights:  Immortal Hunt , Wash Away the Blood with Rain

The power of youth has always been one of the main inspiration for creating excellent extreme metal releases, that's why most of extreme metal bands get lazy and soft when they age, but I really hope that American new young band "Starkill" wont get age so we all can enjoy their music for a long time. The band has released the debut album "Fires of Life" in April this year by Century Media Records, to provide the world with a super symphonic extreme metal album full of death and black metal influences for the fans of melodic and symphonic extreme metal music around the world.

For the people who don't know Starkill, the band was called "Massakren" before 2013, and they've released the great full-length album "Immersed in Chaos" and the good EP "Massakren" under that name. The new album somehow will remind you of the bands Children Of Bodom and Norther, and sometimes Wintersun will cross your mind too, but the great thing is the band is not copying any of these bands at all, because the members have managed to create their own signature on the music they make. I will ignore the cheesy artwork because it doesn't describe the charm of the musical elements of this record, I think the band didn't pay attention at all about the designing of the artwork. The bright solos and the melodeath keyboards are mixed professionally with the technical bass-lines behind the hammering drumming, making the whole atmosphere symphonic and aggressive in the same damn time, and the whole sound was really unexpected from these young musicians.

I gave this album many spins, and I found the total work flawless and full of extreme metal talent, that's why Century Media Records gambled on this professional record. Some tracks like "Strength In The Shadow"  and "Below The Darkest Depths" reminded me of Wintersun, but with more symphonic elements, so I guess the fans of Wintersun will enjoy the elements of such tracks. Some tracks like "Sword, Spear, Blood, Fire", "Withdrawn From All Humanity" and "Immortal Hunt" have more symphonic black metal atmosphere, with violent technical solos from time to time, the fans of Illnath and Graveworm will enjoy such dark sound. There is nothing in this album to be complain about, everything has been managed perfectly to be enjoyable and memorable, and I guess this album is one of the best extreme metal releases of the year.

A call to those who search for excellent symphonic and melodic extreme metal releases, you have to get your copy of this album now, because you will miss a lot of enjoyment and pleasure if you don't get the chance to listen to this wonderful record. If you search for aggression, majesty, anger and skillfulness, then I can tell you that this album has it all.



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