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Blood Red Throne - Blood Red Throne

Label: Sevared Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-07-20

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9/10 9/10 9/10 8/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  March Of The Undying, Soulseller, Torturewhore

On a planet where most of the new death metal releases are copied and boring, a super death metal group called Blood Red Throne strives hard to keep the death metal scene fresh and essential, and after about six successful full-length album, the band this year has released their 7th full-length album entitled "Blood Red Throne". For the people who don't know this super act, Blood Red Throne is a Norwegian death metallers from Kristiansand, and every release from this band is highly recommended for all the death metal fans around the world.


The album "Altered Genesis" that has been released in 2005 was my favorite record for this band before I listened to the new album, but the new self-titled album has totally changed my mind, because of its rich performance and aggressive professionalism. The slashing guitar riffing and the hammering drum-lines are the main musical theme in this album, with deep growling vocals and some exploding high pitch screams from time to time to make the whole environment gory and full of roughness. The unmerciful lyrical themes have also helped the whole musical structure to be more serious and catchy, and I personally loved every single track here and I noticed the great efforts that the band has made to fit the gory lyrics inside the death metal sections. The total sound is a mixture of Vomitory and Hypocrisy, and I think that this mixture is totally epic and memorable, because both bands are super.

The empty bloody chair in the artwork describes the slitting riffs of the tracks "Soulseller" and "In Hell I Roam" perfectly, and the high pitch screams reminded me a lot of the legendary Peter Tagtgren, so Hypocrisy fans will enjoy every single moment of this record. The drumming and influential sound of the bass are the primary base for this sledgehammer production, and the rhythm guitar sound completes this violent atmosphere with powerful and effective tunes. The lead guitar sound in some tracks like "Primitive Killing Machine" and "Dodens Makt" are really memorable, but I think this record needs more lead guitar moments. The track "March Of The Undying" is one of my favorite tracks in this record, because it reflects the abnormal ability of each members to create catchy and solid death metal fabric for the European death metal scene.

The record is flawless, but as a loyal death metal fan I really expected to hear more solos and lead guitar sections, because the guitarists made some solos there and they sounded really fascinating, hear the tracks "Torturewhore" and "March Of The Undying". Overall, this album is recommended for all the death metal fans around the world, and specially for those who search for a professional death metal sound that combines the old school death metal elements with the modern death metal era, prepare yourself for a gory experience and get your copy now.



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