JorZine - Shining (NOR) - One One One

Shining (NOR) - One One One

Label: Universal

Reviewer: Mujtaba M Badr - 2013-07-12

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Highlights:   I Won't Forget , Off the Hook

Before 2010, when I used to say I listen to Shining to a fellow of the metalhead gang, they so often respind like "I don’t like their stupid suicidal black stuff", or "DAMN! Kvarforth is fucken KVLT, and Shining is my dope!". But some Norwegian dudes changed the game, and so it happened that there is an experimental jazz band that started almost the same time as the Swedish folks (and with the same name), and in 2010, they released their first metallic album, BlackJazz, a schizophrenic hybrid of Black Metal and Jazz (hence the title). An album that gained so much praise from the critics and made the Norwegian Shining well known to the metal audience, thus the response to the previous statement changed into, "which Shining you mean, the Swedish or Norwegian".


After BlackJazz, it was naturally for the critics and the fans to look at Shining (NOR) as the new black horse of the international metal scene, and their next album would be high in the top of the year most anticipated albums lists. And as it became a tradition with Shining, One One One came, and polarized their fans once more. Old fans wanted more JAZZ, New fans wanted more BLACKjazz, we got neither of both, we got something else, it's not bad, but not groundbreaking as Blackjazz either.


So, for the new album went to a more mainstream, less schizophrenic approach. They tapped the famous producer Sean Beaven (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson) to co-produce, as you can see, he have a strong industrial background, and that’s exactly what One One One sound. It's very industrial in sound, with more rock oriented tracks, but with more saxophone from the band front man Jørgen Munkeby.


The songs are shorter and catchier, they are more of straight forward rock & roll sensation. There versatility within the album, that will not get you bored of listening to it over and over. Now you might think of it as a step back from Blakjazz, but believe  me, if you give it more spins you will enjoy it a lot. One One One is for sure not one of the year best albums, but nevertheless I would keep listening to it like five years from now, and a standout album of 2013, not for groundbreaking complex music, but for its simplicity.


Shining, once again, might lost fans, and gained fans with their latest album, but for sure they are unpredictable band, and that’s alone should be give a credit for it. And that’s what make me respond to the question nowadays "What Shining you prefer?", "Sure the Norwegian one, do you think am a queer to listen to some stupid suicidal bullshit by an attention seeker Kvarforth". I wouldn’t said that before 2010 BlackJazz!



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