JorZine - Darkthrone – The Underground Resistance

Darkthrone – The Underground Resistance

Label: Peaceville Records

Reviewer: Álvaro Rodríguez Ortiz - 2013-07-09

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8.5/10 8/10 9/10 7/10 8/10

Highlights:  Leave No Cross Unturned, The Ones You Left Behind

Darkthrone is a really brave band, they really are. They started, as everyone knows, as a Norwegian Black Metal band, making a few of the pillars in this genre (such as A Blaze in the Northern Sky, Transilvanian Hunger…) And then we reach Ravising Grimness, and the fans are, one the one hand, surprised because they changed their sound, and on the other hand, very surprised because the band changed their sound a lot and think Darkthrone is over.



I don’t like talking about tags in music (to me there are only two tags: the music I like, and the music I hate, as simple as that), but I have to do it in Darkthrone. In the last years and albums, we’ve seen them changing their sound a lot, and now it is a mix between NWOBHM, Punk/Crust Punk and Black Metal. This can be good or bad, depends of the fans’ personal taste. But I do think, the best “Darkthrone” is the Crust Punk one. Even though I adore and I listen their Black Metal era albums, their Crusty albums are amazing.


The Underground Resistance is the fifteenth studio album of Darkthrone. And we have new things: the production is very good actually (glups), and it’s a very short album if we compare it to others Darkthrone albums (it’s more or less 45 minutes), also the production is really good (nowadays seems like all the old Black Metal bands are trying to make “good producted” albums, like Burzum’s Umskiptar).


The album starts with Dead Early, a really Heavy Crusty song, direct to your face. Then we reach Valkyrie, and we hear an acoustic intro before the song goes crazy (acoustic instruments in a Darkthrone album? The kvlt fans are angry…)

Lesser Man has a really catchy riff and the song overall is nice. Fenriz and Nocturno Oculto decided to make one video clip using this song (WHAT? A video clip in Darkthrone? Oh boy, the kvlt fans are very angry.) The Ones You Left Behind and Come Warfare, the Entire Doom are next, and we reach the final track: Leave No Cross Unturned. It’s the longest song of the album, and to me, the best one of the album, and probably my favorite all time in Darkthrone’s Crust era. This song is, no doubt, very influenced by Celtic Frost, and in fact, the last part, which is a bit slower, its pure Celtic Frost-ish guitar riffs; and the NWOBHM type of vocals in this song fit so well with the guitar riffs. Oh God, I adore this song.


If you are already a fan of Darkthrone, you may like it or you may hate this album so much. Or if you just discovered this band, and you are really into Heavy Metal and Thrash/Crust Punk, you should give it a listen.


Darkthrone changed, they changed a lot, but they still don’t play live, which is a pity, with all the changes we’ve seen in the latest album, the final one is playing live. Who doesn’t want to put their fist in the air while you headbang and you scream “Leave, no, cross, leave no cross unturned”? I do. I really do. At least we have Darkthrone’s cover bands… *sigh*



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