JorZine - Thy Light - No Morrow Shall Dawn

Thy Light - No Morrow Shall Dawn

Label: Pest Productions

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-07-07

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Highlights:  No Morrow Shall Dawn, Wanderer of Solitude

Every single DSBM band on earth knows the Brazilian group "Thy Light", though the band has released only one demo album "Suici.De.pression", but the quality of the compositions and the technicality of the performance have made this demo one of the most highlighted depressive/suicidal black metal releases of all time. After about six years of waiting, the group has finally got the time to record a new full-length album, the album is called "No Morrow Shall Dawn" and it runs for about 41 minutes of melancholy and gloom.


Pest Productions, the label that will release this album soon has released a lot of melancholic and atmospheric releases in the last years, but somehow the release of "No Morrow Shall Dawn" will be the best of all these releases. The slow black metal riffing and the mid-paced drumming are the main musical themes behind the music of Thy Light, the lead guitar moments provide the whole atmosphere with depression and set the mood perfectly for the listener of this type of music. The cold production that presents the sound of the rough and sharpy guitars can help the total sound to be more gloomy and full of mourning moments. The tempos vary throughout the tracks, making the created environment less boring and exciting. Some listener may hate the amount of repetition in the drums and the riffing, but this is the DSBM sound anyway, so if you're searching for less repetition then go and listen to another type of music.

The track "Wanderer of Solitude" was the first track to capture my attention with its memorable passages and saddening melodies, the acoustic guitar intro and the screaming roughness of the guitar and the irritated drumming made this track very memorable. The atmospheric keyboards covered the background of the track to create more spiritual world within the minutes of this excellent track. When the mighty mourning vocals start, the whole track will capture all of your senses and let your mind sink inside this amount of creativity and talent, and when that guitar solo hit the speaker with its touching picking, the track will rest inside your brain for hours. The track "No Morrow Shall Dawn" starts with keyboards and a grand piano sound, and then a mid-paced guitar riffing with insane screaming vocals collapse together to create a fantastic piece of DSBM track full of negativity and suicidal feelings. The track ends with a clean vocal verse full of shoegaze atmosphere.

"My definitive end, no morrow shall dawn
Forever forgotten, entombed in the dusk "

The only remaining track that I can talk about is "The bridge", and I said the only because  the other tracks are instrumental tracks. "The bridge" has the same atmosphere of the demo "Suici.De.pression" with some samples of rains and thunders to set the appropriate mood for the listener, then the flood of slow black metal riffs starts to cover the whole sound, and some crying-screaming vocals and slow emotional solos appear from time to time, making this track a memorable piece of DSBM. The other instrumental tracks "Suici.De.spair" and "Corredor Seco" are very good pieces too. This full-length album is shorter than the demo album "Suici.De.pression" that has been released in 2007, and this was my only complaint about this album, this album is very short and these 41 minutes are not enough at all for this type of music, I know it sounds greedy, but I am already thankful that the band has returned with more professional DSBM music that can satisfy all the fans around the world. I hope the band will never stop creating music.

Overall, Thy Light has proved with this short album that there is no single band in the world can create depressive\suicidal black metal music better than them. These tracks will be worshiped and respected as masterpieces in the DSBM world throughout the years, just like their first demo album. If you're a fan of this type of music and the other alike genres (black doom and funeral doom metal), then you have to get your copy of this record immediately and start discovering the perfect art of suicidal black metal.



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