JorZine - Blast Night I Concert

Blast Night I Concert

Label: Joscene

Reviewer: Khalil Mikael - 2012-08-01

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7.5/10 8/10 7/10 6.5/10 7.5/10

Highlights:  Most of the show was interesting

Bands line-up: Dragonrider / Intense / Bedlam / Climoric

On Friday the 13th metalheads and music lovers gathered from all around Jordan in Rainbow street to attend the Blast night, which is organized by JoSense. The event witnessed a vast audience which rocked the stage and made it a night of a lifetime.

Blast night was opened heavily by "Climoric", playing songs by Megadeth, Metallica, Pantera and an original entitled "Death and decay". The vocalist Mohammad Agha did well in particular with the screaming that resembled the originals which generated a great response from the crowd. 

"Intense" followed with a calmer and a mellower mood giving the night a magical and an artistic touch with classics by UFO, Scorpions and signed out with Manowar's the gods made heavy metal. Vocalist Ivan Bakij professionally and perfectly mastered his act, accompanied by Mad Rad –Dragon rider's guitarist- this time on Drums. Even though it was the band that sang the least and it was their debut event, they were the ones to own the stage leading the crowds to sing along and get in the mood of each and every cover. 

A variation of moods, songs and eras is served by Bedlam, they started heavy with Maiden's hollowed be thy name which was their best cover in the event, kept it till they covered the everlasting Deep Purple's soldier of fortune , remained mellow and classic with Priest's angel and ended with the epic Comfortably numb. As well as covering Unbreakable - Before the dawn (Instrumental), and Lonely Day - System of a down. 

The event came to closure with "Dragon rider", playing a selection of originals to truly name this night a BLAST! Moving the audience and giving them a shot of Metal to go home with leading them to start headbanging after the somehow soft-ish atmosphere. 

The event was well organized and to be considered a total win, so greetings to the sound engineer who did a very good job with the mixing. Not forgetting to mention that it was JoSense's first event organized by Mohammed Jaber; that is promised to be followed by similar and more variable events in the near future helping to open up new paths for mature artists, as well as developing the metal scene in Jordan. 


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