JorZine - Wormed - Exodromos

Wormed - Exodromos

Label: Willowtip

Reviewer: Álvaro Rodríguez Ortiz - 2013-07-04

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9.5/10 9.5/10 9.5/10 9.5/10 9.5/10

Highlights:  Spacetime Ekleipsis Vorticity , Xenoverse Discharger

Oh boy, this band opened my eyes to Spanish underground metal scene. Yeah, I was used to think the only good metal bands in Spain were Avulsed and Angelus Apatrida, but I was very veeery wrong.


Wormed is (hands down) one of the best technical Death Metal bands I’ve ever heard. They had everything: huge guitar sound, insane drums and of course, Phlegeton’s voice is unbelievable. But let’s talk a bit about Wormed’s story:


Wormed started in 1998 with J.Oliver and Dani in guitars, Andy on drums and Guillemoth on bass. After a while, they found Phlegeton, and the original Wormed lineup was formed. Some of you may think Wormed is the typical band that speaks about death, serial killers and the possibilities of death in the human body. Not at all, Phlegeton’s obsession with Sci-Fi movies and books drove the band to start writing about mathematics, space, physics or chemistry. And I found this very original, it adds more flavor to this genre. Well, after making some a few demos and splits, they recorded their first album in 2003: Planisphaerium. From this point, Wormed became one of the most respected bands in the underground. In 2010, they released their EP Quasineutrality, and finally we reach 2013, and Wormed announces Exodromos, with a new line-up.


Exodromos is a really short album (33 minutes), but it is really intense. Nucleon, the Nonlocality Trilemma, Tautochrone… The songs are insane, very well produced (Phlegeton’s voice is very clear in the whole album), the guitars are like millions of stars exploding, they sound very clear, with those dissonant riffs, next to the blast beats parts…


Thanks Wormed for making your music, and for make myself believe that in Spain we make good extreme metal. I’m proud to say that Wormed are from Spain. I’m very proud of this band. Now I’m looking forward to see them live, and put my fist in the air and scream: I’M WORMED.



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