JorZine - Zalys - Wandering through space

Zalys - Wandering through space

Label: Self-released

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-07-03

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7.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Into the Stellar Void, Shipwreck

I am always fascinated by the background music of the science fiction movies, this music can easily pull your reality down and replace it with a new imaginative world of mysterious technology and spacial atmosphere, and I am really glad to discover Zalys, the project that provides such ambient/electronic environment. Some topics like high technology and parallel universes and aliens are the main ideas that can cross your mind while listening to such creepy music, because the compositions here are not as important as the production and the atmosphere, giving the album "Wandering through space" a single listen made me lost in thoughts, its like I've been left alone in space where everything is strange and mysterious.


As the laws of nature cant apply on space, the laws of music also cant apply on such music, because such music full of humanoid robots and teleportation machines don't have any rules to limit its structure. I've started my journey of this album with the track "The Singularity", it starts in a creepy way and it feels like you're surrounded by hi-tech machines in the depth of space, these eight minutes of time travel atmosphere can really fit any science fiction movie in the world. The track "Shipwreck" is a life soundtrack for a spaceship which travels to other galaxies, sudden sounds come and go like a wavy ocean of sound will drown your ears while listening to this 10 minutes piece. "Neptune" is a short track that has the same strange atmosphere, but this time the atmosphere lays under the surface of a spacial ocean, andyou can clearly hear the bubbles of water around your ears, like you're drowning deeper and deeper every second.


The track "Into the Stellar Void" has an electronic spirit, but some melodic keys appear within the moments of the track, making the space drenched with UFOs and melodies, and this is one of my favorite tracks in this record. The track "Song of a dying planet" is a hell of a track and I'll tell you why, I love to read about undefined flying objects and subjects about extraterrestrial lives, and most of the time I don't have the mood to read such subjects, so this track was a perfect piece of music\sound for me, it sets the mood perfectly to make any reader in the world interested in such mysterious topics.


M. , the humanoid alien girl behind this imaginative music, has managed to create this record for all those who're interested in the science fiction movies, and for the listeners who adore such frightening type of soundtracks and musical themes. In my opinion, these tracks must be used in the TV programs and the movies that have a spacial or a science fictional themes, I'll be waiting for more materials for this project.



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