JorZine - Entrails – Raging Death

Entrails – Raging Death

Label: Metal Blade Records

Reviewer: Rami Al-Jumaili - 2013-07-02

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9/10 9.5/10 8.5/10 9/10 8/10

Highlights:  Cadaverous Stench, Bloodhammer

The old monsters of old school death metal are back, with one of the best death metal records of the year: "Entrails" was formed in 1990, and the band was active til 1998, then they vanished, and then they got back in 2008 though the first Demo release was in 2009. The band became one of the icons of oldschool death metal by releasing only 3 full-length albums.


"Raging Death" is the third album containing ten tracks, and the album starts with "In Pieces", which a great brutal start that would rip your ears in pieces, with a fast rhythm and strong surrounding sound. It's a very promising start for this great album, an then the brutality goes on with "Carved to the Bone", which is just a classic death metal track with a kind of slow tempo start - but then it gets aggressive, and all in all, this track really reminds me of Bloodbath-masterpieces, especially the drumming rhythm of brutality and grimness.


Then a boom hits you: "Bloodhammer", which is a head smashing hammer, a very classical death metal song, a simple work with perfect results. It's like that’s what it only takes, simplicity plus a touch of professionalism, and then the headbanging track "Headless Dawn" with a little small soft guitar-sound and keyboards makes you being able take a little break and rest your neck, then it gets back again in anger.


The grim album continues with "Cadaverous Stench" - in my opinion not a very attracting track, because I think it misses some small touches of changing the rhythm and the instrumental sound, and I have the same impression when it comes to "Descend to the Beyond", but this track is at least a little more various. And then "Death League" comes in, and made me forget about the two tracks that were't catchy to me: It is a very fast track, and with no doubt the best track of the album. It is a spectacular real brutal death metal song, with a fast guitar solo that would make you just rage and crash what is around you: It's like a potion of energy and brutality.


"Chained and Dragged" is a great track indeed too, with nice guitar sounds and a brilliant base line, and also the melodic touches are great. When you listen to it, you feel like: this madness wont stop. "Defleshed" comes in a very aggressive, gore and powerful cover, and it is a pretty amusing song though it’s the shortest track among the ten tracks but it’s a sweet snack .


At last the epic end comes with "The Cemetery Horrors"  - a true horror-sound of music, it's just like the band is keeping the legacy of the legendary band "Entombed". What I liked most about this track is the guitar-work, and the brutal vocals. You just feel as if the vocalist Jocke Svensson is turning into a monster, and the song ended very, and the keyboard melodies just to make their own touch at last .


"Raging Death" is indeed the best album by the band so far, "Entrails" simply aren’t trying to titillate your high-brow-senses of what metal is all about - they’re just grinding your bones to make their bread . Some of the listener may say: the bands work is highly unoriginal, but I disagree because of their 2010 debut - half of the aforementioned "The Tomb Awaits", and even a tad bit of "Raging Death" culls from songs and riffs originally penned between ’91 and ’94, so in the end "Raging Death" is a very remarkable record by the band, and they can be proud of their work.



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