JorZine - Carrier Flux - Objection

Carrier Flux - Objection

Label: Code666 Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-07-01

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Highlights:  Shallow Grace, The Exalted Malign

One of the best features of metal music is the unlimited visions that can be presented in the songwriting, and the band Carrier Flux has presented this complicated feature with the new album "Objection" that has been released by Code666. For the people who're not familiar with Carrier Flux, its a true mixture of industrial and avant garde black metal project, and actually I don't think that the music of this project can be described, because the huge musical elements and influences are really countless.


Code666 records are releasing many excellent releases this year, but I think that this album will be a highlight, because the originality and the efforts that have been given while creating this record are precious. I can hear some influences from Abigor and Alghazanth, but these influences didn't effect the originality, because somehow Jeff Philips (the mastermind behind Carrier Flux) has managed to create an atypical record for the fans of black metal. Since I first saw the artcover of the album, I couldn't but fall in love with the music, the cruel old school death artcover described the music in a very matured way, though it reminds me of the Swedish death metal band Grave. The variation of using harsh vocals and clean (gothic) vocals has made the structure of the tracks more interesting and memorable, the choruses and the multi-layered atmosphere are also very catchy.


Unlike the other releases of this month, every track in this record is different than the other, and this made this album a magical musical journey for all the lovers of extreme metal music. This album contains of 9 tracks, 3 of them are instrumental tracks, but the time length of the album doesn't run more than 36 minutes. The track "The Exalted Malign" was the first memorable riff in this record, the fast picking guitar riff and the fast drumming have blasted my mind before the first vocal verse showed up with clean vocals. The sick tune of the track "Shallow Grace" has also caught my ears, though I hated the sound of the snare, but the vocals kept the track interesting 'till the end. The riffs of the track "Midas Earth" are also brutal and aggressive, and I recommend this track for the fans of death\black metal music. Jeff Philips has managed to create all this huge sound only by himself, and this is make him one of the best musicians of the year, his musical taste in the extreme metal and also in the acoustic guitar sections are spectacular.


If you think that you're ready to hear one of the best extreme metal musicians of the year, then I guess you have to get your copy now of the album "Objection", its strongly recommended for the fans of Alghazanth and Dissection and for all those who enjoy the unlimited visions of black metal music. Giving this album many spins made me believe that this album will be like drugs to my speakers.



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