JorZine - Suidakra - Eternal Defiance

Suidakra - Eternal Defiance

Label: AFM Records

Reviewer: Manel Lilioth - 2013-06-30

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Highlights:  March Of Conquest, The Mindsong

Among the old metal soups that exist in metal history there’s SUIDAKRA the German Celtic metal band that soon will they celebrate their twenty years serving the pagan cult through music. Indeed, Eternal Defiance is the eleventh album of this prolific formation, and again, I do not count their best of DVD released in 2008! Despite major changes in the line-up over the years, the core group remained through Arkadius Antonik (including SUIDAKRA is just an anagram), singer and guitarist of the band.


At the sight of the covert art of their latest production, my first impression reinforces my view that Kris Verwimp is decidedly the right person to make beautiful and fantastic Celtic pockets. But beyond these aesthetic considerations, will see the musical side behind this design!


Like the intro of any folk album, you live short moment of spectacular entrance. The introduction is based within a traditional symphony, interspersed with a scene of devastation. "Storming the Walls" reflects both the glory and horror. The war is well made. We enter fully into the confrontation with "Inner Sanctum" impressive, alternating between a martial rhythm Romanian and more melodic approach. Many changes in the music are worth noting. We groped by simply strong epic. However, it is nowhere near those of the start of "Beneath the Red Eagle." A confusing title for its power metal inlays. It almost tends to think listening to the book of "Skiltron" when will include bagpipes. Moreover, Tina Stabel, in her soft voice, the thrust will be more relevant than the growl of Arkadius covering more rugged parts of the song. A "March Of Conquest" does more than just a walk it’s a melodic anthem that does not disparage a group of Italian power metal. Okay, may I exaggerate; there are still quite a few growled heavy rhythmic passages, but the general atmosphere is the merry chorus more than to war.


With "Pair Dadeni" the name of a magical cauldron of Welsh mythology, do sound of bagpipes (or more likely, the synthesizer sound of bagpipes), and are improving the Celtic key is the son of one of the red group. A nice and typical solo riffs remind us that heavy metal is still very present in their work. Now add another essential element to the group, I admit that the clear voice of Tina Stabel, which appears in recurring guest Caledonia since released in 2005, even if it takes us towards Lacuna Coil benefits this beautiful song is «The Mindsong" we would could just as well be called "Emperor of Rome" as the chorus remains in memory. After so gently, back on "Rage for Revenge", which seems to be a reminiscence of SUIDAKRA the beginning of the millennium, with a battery that significantly accelerates the pace, which brings us to a Viking metal AMON AMARTH more pleasant!.


"Dragon's Head" and "Defiant Dreams" remain in this mixture folk melodic death that is the charm of the group, although it is certainly not the fragments that will be engraved in the collective memory, as was able to do in his time "the IXth Legion "(from the album Caledonia). Finally, the CD ends with a true rock ballad with some heavy synth parts played in "Damnatio Memoriae" is not led by a woman but by a man. And the voice of this one is shared between resolution and melancholy. This dazzling piece of folk eventually tastes as symphonic copper. Finish with a flourish to start the legend. As long live the memory of Magnus Maximus. Not forget to mention about a rural recovery outcome of the Irish folklore song, right! I’m talking about “Mrs.McGrath”.


Eternal Defiance is a fairly successful album, as well structured, with lighter pieces around music and harder riffs. I've never bothered with repeated listening to this new album, which is still a good sign about the proposed musical richness. However, I regret that there is not really a terrific song, unstoppable anthem that will burn in the eternal memory of the fan that I am.


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