JorZine - Apocynthion - Sidereus Nuncius

Apocynthion - Sidereus Nuncius

Label: Pest Productions

Reviewer: Rami Al-Jumaili - 2013-06-30

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8.5/10 9.5/10 9/10 9.5/10 9/10

Highlights:  Redux, MDSCC

Post black metal , the genre that I wait for every year , its simply a music that takes you inside the pace of your mind , melodies that makes you stare and wait for the screams , the screams that you would like to perform them my your self. Apocynthion is project formed in 2010 from Madrid - Spain which combines elements of ambient, metal, shoegaze , the band reminds a lot of "Alcest" the master of shoegaze metal . but "Apocynthion" have their special touches of ambient and classical elements , the band is a still fresh companion in this special musical genre but I think they will be a major source of this genre.


" Sidereus Nuncius" is their first full length album , containing 7 powerful tracks . The album starts with a unique intro " Tycho Magnetic Anomaly One" emotional spoken vocals track , a conversation between two persons over an atmospheric arrangement , then the band gets your attention by " Redshift" a spectacular post-rock with dreamy vocals and progressive tempo until reaching the post-black metal level , and also back into acoustic riffs to fell your head with a dreamy atmosphere .


Then come " Nothing Important Happened Today - Part I" an experimental track filled with ups & downs , also the brilliant atmospheric dreamy parts that no genre can do it but the post-black metal , the track is well made specially to set you in the melancholic mood , then the band puts the other piece of the epic song by " Nothing Important Happened Today - Part II" including a more tranquil side and weeping guitar sounds and shoegaze flow to keep you in the same mood .


After that "MDSCC" the track that shows the how talent the band is , the track will just make you love the band . Well made layers , aggressive parts , smooth clean vocals on top of  a rhythmic guitar notes , the track is big first step for the band in this genre , and maybe a step that would take them beside the icons. And next The ambient track “33.675 N, 106.475W”, a smooth piece of relaxing music , the track is very eerie and quite haunting. Its about a coordination for something the band is alluding , maybe if we google it the picture will be clear , try googling it .


Then the masterpiece comes "Redux" a track that reminded me of "Lantlos" , the track is very brilliant that it takes the listener to a lot of different types of black metal along with the post rock elements , a 14 mins masterpiece full of massages to the fans minds through the vocals in different layers , harsh and clean . also the guitar will really pull you in this made up space of atmospheric music , this track shows a hard work by the band . I liked how it suddenly slows in the middle its like beginning another chapter of a thriller story , its like you just want to finish it to re-listen to it again and again .


" Sidereus Nuncius" is a perfect album for the fans of "Alcest" , "Lantlos" and "Heretoir" , also for the fans of the atmospheric experimental elements that would make you feel like you are floating in the deep dark space . The album a really fascinating record .


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