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Omnium Gatherum - Beyond

Label: Lifeforce Records

Reviewer: Rami Al-Jumaili - 2013-06-29

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9/10 8.5/10 9/10 9.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  " Formidable" , "Who Could Say" and "The Unknowing"

You know, sometimes I think and believe that "finnish melodic death" is an independent metal music genre, the finnish bands know the perfect combination of industrial elements, acoustic and instrumental melodies, and so "Omnium Gatherum" is of the icons in this major metal genre: the band was formed in 1996 in Karhula/Finland. The band name is a Latin phrase that is literally translated as "a grouping of all things". It does not specifically infer this as people, objects, or intangibles but simply as anything and everything , the band so far had released  6 full-length albums , each time they fascinate me with their work and im a huge fan of their art work lately.


The latest album "Beyond" is sometimes depressive and some time aggressive , powerful with some touches of doom  , the album consists of 10 tracks of high talent music , the album starts with an interesting intro "Luoto" its like a slow motion intro then it gets more METAL with a great guitar solo in the end , then a dynamic song "New Dynamic" it starts like a power metal song but it’s a melodic death metal song which reminded me a little of "Amon Amarth" specially with vocals a very actual start for the album .


Then " In the Rim" a very powerful song with some electronic and industrial touches which actually added a great flavor to the song with an aggressive vocals along side with the fast drumming then the "Finish" melodic death metal touch of slow soft melodies and clean vocals just to make a wonderful song , after that comes a song of dreams : "Nightwalkers"  a very great song specially with the repeated fast riffs at first but then it goes to the acoustic atmosphere so you can actually feel the song , after that comes one of the best in this album "Formidable" which made me realize that I love harsh vocals on top of smooth soft background , the melodic riffs in this song shows hard work by the band mixed with the electronic keyboard tunes , the song in its final part takes you breaths by a wonderful acoustic and electric guitar solo , very great shot by the band .


The album still capturing us by "The Sonic" a fast tempo melodic death metal song , not a very magnificent song but it can fit in the same mood that the band already created , the fans will like the vocals pretty much in this track and the solo in between , next we get back to the melancholic atmosphere with "Who Could Say" the second song in this album that I favored , its just give you a potion of anger and emotional aggression with its brilliant contracture based on clean vocals and harsh vocals course just enough to make an attractive track , a real masterpiece by the band for sure .


Still trapped in the same atmosphere but this next track is a bit different " The Unknowing" a short soft intro then comes the rage of guitar riffs and brutal vocals , I just love how the band keeps the guitar riffs and the vocals in the same rhythm , the made the song in a clever way shown by the different structure of the song , from the beginning to the perfect guitar solo until reaching the very smooth end , then we move to " Living in Me" the band used some thrash metal elements mixed with their own way , actually this song reminded me of early "In Flames" and a bit of "Kalmah" specially in the solo techniques , really amusing job by the band and shows a big side of their skill .


One of the many reason that made me fall in love with this band is : they just know how to end their albums , "White Palace" is a 10min. brutal skin changing song , a progressive wicked track which the band just made as a massage for the fans and listeners to them know that they know what they are doing , and how talent they are by producing a song that combines different metal music styles and genres , a perfect end for the album .


At the end of the day,"Beyond" stands out as possibly one of "Omnium Gatherum's"  original album yet. The group has always received a bit of flack for coming stylistically close to its influences, like "Amon Amarth" and "In Mourning". But this release is merely a compendium of both old habits and new ideas, so the album is not just a recommendation for the fans of other melodic death metal bands because simply it’s one of the best melodic death metal album in 2013 .


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