JorZine - Light Bearer - Silver Tongue

Light Bearer - Silver Tongue

Label: Halo of Flies

Reviewer: Rami Al-Jumaili - 2013-06-27

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8/10 8.5/10 8/10 9/10 9/10

Highlights:  Beautiful Is This Burden, Amalgam, Aggressor & Usurper

Here is the deal: I'm falling in love with the bands that have the talent to combine different genres in their own epic way, and "Light Bearer" is one of these bands. The band was formed in London in 2010, and so far they made only two full-lengths, and I think in 2013 the band had finally constructed their strong base in this type of music.



"Silver Tongue" is the second full-length album, and it contains six tracks of magnificent music. The album starts with "Beautiful Is This Burden", and the atmosphere is filled with conflicted emotions and shades of doom: the track starts softly with a violin-instrumental, cello and piano. Then it gets aggressive with the elements of post-metal, and it also slows down again in a way that you just keep looking for: it's just a great start for an album like this.


And then their mythology keeps going on with "Amalgam": it gets darker, it's kind of a sludgy song, with slow tempo and heavy riffs along with the doom metal elements, which show the ability to build strength on that album, and the story continuous when the vocalist dresses as "Lucifer", with awesome slow clean vocals and ambient elements, and it's like music made to make you live it, especially with the brilliant vocal techniques at the last part of the song .


Then come "Clarus": an ambient music track, very quiet music with smooth vocals on top, it's like an intro for the next song "Aggressor & Usurper", which is the most aggressive track. It gets your attention as the action begins, brutality and chaos is shown clearly in this post-metal song. The screams are the most intense on this record, which may make this track one of the top in this album.


And last but not least, the masterpiece "Silver Tongue": This last track starts completely different. The positive opening riff is motivating and defines hope for a better and positive world. The song even gives you a potion of metal-core when you focus at the riff and breakdown parts of the drums. Around ten minutes the glorious path is continued with brotherly community singing main screams of Alex and a violin that forms the bridge for the end of the record. It just reminded me a bit of old "Anathema"-classics, and so the album ended very well.


This album is actually a meal for fans who are looking for a style like "old- "Anathema"-meets-up-with-sludge-music-elements", a great record by the band, from a band which is heading the way to the big spot of post-metal music. I think there is nothing wrong with the album but there is always one "but", which is in this case: the album misses some more small touches of post-rock elements, which I think would add a great flavor to their work.


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