JorZine - Necronomicon - Rise of the Elder Ones

Necronomicon - Rise of the Elder Ones

Label: Season of Mist

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-06-22

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7.5/10 7/10 7.5/10 8/10 7/10

Highlights:  Continuous Data, part 1, Continuous Data, part 2, Shapeshifting

The Canadian death and black metal scenes have always caught my ears, the amount of musical atomic energy and roughness there are enough to produce memorable extreme metal releases for the whole world. Necronomicon, the death\black metal band is one of those Canadian bands that produces excessive tyrannical riffs that can feed the whole world. The new album "Rise of the Elder Ones" is the fourth full-length record for the band, and the first release for the band to be released by Season of Mist.



The first thing that caught my attention in this album is the using of atmospheric keyboard sound inside the black\death guitar riffing, which gave the structure of the tracks a very majestic feeling. When you give the album the first listen, a lot of bands will cross your mind, such as Behemoth and Nile, but as the tracks cross your mind couple of times, you'll realize that the band has its own musical identity and its really different than any other band in this genre. The solid rhythmic guitar sound is the main point of strength in this album, and the drumming is collapsing with the guitars to make the sound of the tracks more oppressive, but I cant hide my hate toward the lead guitar sections and the fragile solos that try to be there just to be there.


anyway, some tracks like "The End of Times" and "Dark Corners of the Earth" show a lot of professional drumming work and excellent bass-lines, the choirs-pad and the orchestral keyboards in the tracks added a huge depth to the record, and this deep dimension is clear in some tracks like "Rise of the Elder Ones" and "Resurrected". The three members have managed to create an ultra demonic yet monstrous sound, and I think they succeeded most of the time, but I still think that the solos and the lead guitar parts weren't good enough to compare the band with some bigger names in this genre. The production and the vocals are grim for the fans of extreme music, the crystal fuzziness and the surrounding harshness of the mastering has really helped to shape the spectacular sound that the band has created in this record.


If you're into the complex riffing of Nile and Behemoth, I recommend this album for you, its also recommended for all the fans of old school death metal and the fans who like to hear orchestral elements within the extreme metal sound. Get your copy of this record right now from Season of Mist and discover the bitter taste of the Canadian black\death poisoned fruit.



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