JorZine - Mechanical Parts Inside - Unreal

Mechanical Parts Inside - Unreal

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2013-06-21

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7/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10

Highlights:  The Fall, Advent

Mechanical Parts Inside is a new found Heavy/Gothic metal band with electronic elements from Greece, and they delivered their debut album "Unreal" on June the 17th, which was produced by Alex Arnaoutoglou, and mixed and mastered by Dimitris Kostarikas.


I was introduced to the band by the vocalist Christina Kroustali, the former member on the dark-wave-project "Die Verbannten Kinder Evas", and who was recently announced as a guest vocalist of the mid-eastern melodic doom/death metallers Chalice Of Doom.


The first concern that comes to mind when we talk about a new young band, is the trend this band is going to take, by the means: what kind of bands they are going to follow? Will they add something innovative in the chosen style? How much will the influence of their musical taste reflect in the actual material? Somehow, mechanical parts inside have done such a good job when answering these questions. They play their genre. However, you can find a lot of gothic influences in their release, but what is impressing is the last touch that gave this promo the boost to look professional enough.


The opening songs "Human 2.0", "Starlight", "Just a Ride" are simple enough, really only consisting of two or three riffs and just a few actual changes in feeling. The atmosphere it provides, however, is what makes the difference. From start til the end there is a sense of irony to the seemingly hopeful (though actually strong) lyrics, and the extremely dark sounding guitar. If you blasted this song through your home-stereo with the bass tuned all the way up, it would be safe to say that any cemetery within a few miles of your home will likely experience a resurrection. "Advent" is on here also with Christina doing the mastery vocals, outshining her predecessor who happened to have a similar name and ultimately making this album what it is, 5 of pure ecstasy.


The atmosphere of the guitar tone can clearly be heard in "Canterville" and "Unreal", two of the album's faster songs. What is also amazing is that the songs succeed to deliver without any actual wizardry in the riff or solo departments. These are simple riffs played with excellent precision and they carry the songs without hampering the fluidity of progression. This leads to a very tightened feel and gives the listener a chance to connect with the emotions that the music conveys.


All tracks are mostly short in length and rely heavily on lyrical content and guitar effects in order to set the atmosphere. "Lost and Found" makes a rather large use of effects during the verses in order to draw contrast with a heavy chorus, while "Upside Down" make uses loud and quiet sections to vary the feeling of the song. Most of the songs tend towards an up beat rock feel, relying on simple straight beats, "Walking Dead" and "The Fall" are both boasts what sounds like the band pulling off a pretty spot-on no other vocalists impression, adding a bit of bratty attitude to a genre known more for its dreamy moroseness. The true winner from this album for me though is keys handler on this album: What an amazing efforts, which comes across like the best original of the bands tracks in a outfit, without a moronic spotlight-sharing Alex-type on guitars compromising the melodies with a warbled presentation cloaked in machismo alongside with Panos on bass and mastery Dimitris on drumming section.


I think this is by far the best debut album could any band provide. The album of course could be better, but i am sure that`s what`s gonna happen with the next release



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