JorZine - Eternity - Pestiferous Hymns – Rev. I-I-XXXIII

Eternity - Pestiferous Hymns – Rev. I-I-XXXIII

Label: World Terror Committee

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-03

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All the black metal fans around the world have learned the sound of the pure black metal from the Norwegian early 90s black metal revolution, and since then there are many bands around the world try to give a lot of efforts to keep the classic sound of the raw black metal alive, one of these bands is the German black metal band "Eternity". Though there are many black metal bands that try to record black metal music without inspiration, there are many bands are full of visions and ideas, and here is the full-length album "Pestiferous Hymns" is sending some shivers of fresh visions and inspiration. 

When I first opened the album's first song, I really got that epic feeling that this album will be a great experience for every black metal fan on the face of the earth, the great performance of the guitars and the insanity of the vocals reminded me of the legendary album "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" for the Norwegian black metal pioneers Mayhem, and the roughness of the production that reflects a real solid sound reminded me of the successful album "Adimiron Black" for the Norwegian Gehenna. The sound that the German "Eternity" created in this album is original and pure though there are many clear influences in the songwriting, because the dark inspiration of the members kept on running from the first track till the end of the album, and the fierce black metal riffs erupted like a volcano through the structure of the tracks. 

The band started the album with a brutal journey of intensity and darkness, because the amazing "Down to the Southern Abyss" shows a huge skillful and mighty efforts, the darkness of the melodies invoked the classic black metal albums. The same epic feelings kept on flowing from the second track "Temple of Flesh" too, but this the tempo has been decreased, the modern mastering technics have been avoided here because the total sound meant to be classic and raw, the sound of the distortion and the tune of the guitar strings are really epic and traditional, and as a fan of the old black metal movement I can easily fall in love with this production. The speed killer riffs of the track " 1000 Suns" welcome you in a very inhuman way, and the vocals introduce you to the dark inspiration of the band, especially when the vocalist reaches the part "For we give you the eyes...". 

After the previous successful three tracks, the band presents the shortest track in this record "...of Satan's Blood", this track shows another black metal direction for the band, a direction full of speed black metal riffs and a sledgehammer blasting drumming, this track reminded me of the band "Dark Funeral" and specially the album "The secrets of the black art". The flowing volcanic rage of this record presented the admirable black metal track "Reborn Through the Flame", a track full of fast and mid-paced riffs that surround the drumming perfectly, a short slow solo guitar appeared behind the wall of guitars made this track dynamic and full of visions. After these five tracks I reached to my favorite track in this record, "Waiting in the Abyss" is one hell of a black metal track that contains a huge magnitude of murderous melodies, the tempo of the guitars danced hardly upon the solid drumming as the vocals slashed the body of the total sound professionally. 

Finally the instrumental "Black Clouds on a Psychic Horizon" ends this album in an epic way, the acoustic guitar at the beginning of the track that covers the echoes of the vocalist reminded me of the atmosphere that have been always created in the tracks of the legendary metal band "Bathory", then the distorted rhythm guitars stepped into the structure of the track slowly, and then the lead guitars captured the whole atmosphere to make the whole sound firm and melodic, the beauty of the atmosphere is very memorable and epic which makes this track one of my best black metal instrumental tracks. 

If you are aware of the modern black metal movement, you will notice that the influences of the classic black metal movement are slightly decreasing in their songwriting, but here is the band "Eternity" is trying to relive all the classic black metal influences again with the grim full-length album "Pestiferous Hymns – Rev. I-I-XXXIII". If you are a fan of the old Mayhem and the classic Darkthrone and the Marduk, then you have to give this album a listen because it contains a lot of exciting and epic elements. If you are a fan of the pure black metal movement of the early 90s, then this CD will be one of your best black metal albums of this year.


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