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Sons of Aeon - Sons of Aeon

Label: Lifeforce Records

Reviewer: Moustapha Laithy - 2013-06-16

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8/10 7.5/10 8/10 7/10 7/10

Highlights:  faceless, The centre , Black sheep process

While looking for some new bands to listen to and review while I am at home being sick, something that could heal my ear and give the me an eargasm , I found this fine five piece metal band that comes from Finland, with it's their first release the debut album entitled as the name of the band "Sons of Aeon " .

At first I've started looking for their page on Facebook , which was shocking to me as there is no biography , and they are geared as "Rock n' Roll " which was really weird to my eyes to believe their pictures , their artwork , everything says they are death metallers , so i decided to go to the label's site , to find some biography , which really i was amazed by the words written by the band , so i was grabbed to the player to listen to their stuff .


I was a bit in shock of what am hearing, a fine mixture of Old school death metal, melodic death,and doom metal, fine 3 minutes of doomish -death metal music, a real breath taking riffage, skull crashing drumming , and mind freezing bass lines , after the fine 3 minutes of the fine instrumental metal, comes the death growls , then it goes back to the same start which was an awesome flip, all of this happened in the "Faceless" track .


There was an amazing hook changing from A pure Death metal - to doomish melodic death metal at the "Cold waves" track . The vocalist did a real good job with this album, amazing vocal lines, but it's somehow traditional death metal vocal line, nothing unique yet, but am sure he's capable of doing a lot more than that .


the Intro of "Burden" is beyond amazing , and how the guitars and drums hooked the intro riffage to the verse riffing in such amazing way. There are real headbanging riffs in "enemy of the souls " this one got me out of the bed headbanging, i really couldn't resist headbanging with it, the vocal line gave me an eargasm within this track, and amazing breakdown to end it with. Once you get off "Enemy of the souls" to get in " The Centre" wtf did you guy's do there , another mood to get in which is really away beyond their natural mood, to get you into the doomish, drug trips mood .


I've noticed in most of the tracks that it has the same opening notes, An open chord to start the track with, i liked it much, it gives a nice touch to the album , a unique way to start the music lines . In "Havoc & catharsis" they totally switched to blackened death metal in riffage, drumming, vocaling, and bass lines , a weird interesting mixture of genres, and sub genres of doom, death, and black metal. There was a great time signature break at "weakness" , a real blasting drumming , doomish -melodic death riffing , they broke the one genre band tracks. Within " seeds of destruction " an amazing headbanging riffing , melodic drumming , pure melodic death riffing , and amazing vocal lines. "wolf eyes " wasn't so catchy to my ears , but it was a pretty good music .


There is an amazing intro in the track "black sheep process" , a real doomed thing , amazing melodies , the bass lines gave me an eargasm , it was a hell of a trip with this track. So as in conclusion of listening to this album , I've found that ,

this band did a really good job with this album , but yet , the music is a bit expected ,as you can predict what the upcoming part going to be like. Still not so unique vocal lines , but it was amusing to the ear , a lot of melodic parts , but a little pitches , and it seem kinda traditionally . Yet the album is really interesting , i can't keep off listening to the album , the riffage and the intros still playing in my head . easy to listen to.


For me ,I can tell that this album is for any genre fan to listen to whoever is Black metal fan , Death metal fan , or doom metal fan. Whatever you are , there is a highly percentage to like this album .


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