JorZine - Solothus - Summoned from the Void

Solothus - Summoned from the Void

Label: Memento Mori

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2013-06-13

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7.5/10 7.5/10 7/10 7/10 7.5/10

Highlights:  Plaguewing, Magus of Doom

After releasing their fist Demo album back in 2011, Solothus, the finnish death/doom metal group, going to release their first debut album "Summoned from the Void" on july the 2nd, and basically anyone who heard it will feel to feel this exact this way about this band. They have single handedly reinvented old schoool death metal sound into an almost grindy and more doom laden infestation than thought humanly possible . Everything these Finnish young men do is really desenct in this outfit.


Going into the album which begin with an good intro, lefted up with dircelty with the second track "Hordes of the North", heavy as hell, dense, fuzzed out and viscous. Heavy handed drumming pounds along at a snail's pace, and seem to rely on following the riffs a good majority of the time. Vocally Solothus has given an exceptional performance for this style of Death Metal, sickly dry heaving growls trade off with an occasionally more like grinds vocals. The odd pitch shifted gutter gurgle moment makes an appearance too., the song is great justice to the this genre fans.


"Plaguewing" and "Magus of Doom" are the next two tracks in this release, most of the riffs are very dark and brutal and seem to be taken directly from a Funeral. Solothus generally lacks the punk edge of old school bands and replaces it with a more serious breed of misanthropy. Fewer songs about dark fantasy, more songs about occult . The tempo is usually a midpaced plod, occasionally jerking upwards into a rickety blast beat that sears through my ear, a good production. Vocals are a hollow sometimes, ghoulish growl like what you'd hear in fellow new grinders bands. Solothus is a sort of 'part two' project from the ashes of earlier bands with old school death, which has a slightly more erudite sound, but this is pretty much pure gutter doom with little unique apart from just how much it manages to resemble the old classics like Obituary first wave sound.


There's a block of songs right in the end of this album that are absolutely great. "Summoned from the Void" is a good midpaced number that opens the sequence before moving into the superfast riffing, and finally collapsing and concluding with the true gem on this album. "Upon Shattered Lands" this last song is where Solothus gets everything right. The main riff sequence is an incredibly serpentine groove over shimmering double bass and grotesque vocals, and while the rest of the song isn't Quite able to manage that level of perfection, damn if it doesn't try throughout. Ironically, this song is the one that least sounds like no one else, which brings me to one of the central things that this band have more in the future.


If your one of those people, who sometimes feel an inexplicably unbearable solitude surrounding them, than you’ve just found an appropriate companion. Solothus’s doom/death legacy will either show you the way out or will become the stone attached securely to your legs, dragging you straight into the abyss…


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