JorZine - Memory Garden - Doomain

Memory Garden - Doomain

Label: Metal Blade Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-06-07

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Highlights:  Violate & Create, Barren Lands

Simon Johansson, the genius lead guitarist who kept Memory Garden alive since the birth of the band is still struggling to create more interesting doom metal tracks under the heavy influences of power metal. The music video of the track "The Evangelist" was the first piece of cake from the new album "Doomain", and though I hated the vocals, the performance and the mind-blowing lead guitars have really caught my attention, so I was expecting a very good album here.


The nine tracks of Doomain are interesting, a lot of traditional doom touches fill the structure beneath the spirit of power metal. Candlemass, Memento Mori and Black Sabbath have always been the main influences of Memory Garden, and still these influences are obvious in this record but with more progressiveness. The fast drumming and the doomy headbanging energy are painting the sound of the tracks "The Evangelist" and "Daughters of the Sea", but the variations of the tempos made the the performance of the guitars more enjoyable than the classic and traditional doom metal sound of the 80s. The tracks "Violate & Create" and "Barren Lands" are my favorite tracks in this album, because of the charming melodies and the catchy choruses, and every minute pass these tracks shines strength and beauty.


I really like the sound that Memory Garden presented in this album, especially the tough sound of the drums and malicious bassline inside the guitar tracks, but I am convinced that the vocalist doesn't fit the superb music of this release, but not all the time, because sometimes Stefan sounds acceptable. The artwork and its dark colors represent the ancient melodies of Doomain in a perfect way, I've always loved the dusty sight of the statues in the doom metal artworks, so this one has just satisfied my eyes-ears. The professional solos and the storming rhythm guitar will satisfy all the doom metal adorers in the world, so I think label "Metal Blade Records" are lucky to release such a juicy album.


This is not another commercial release, its a pure\excellent doom metal release mixed with the power metal spirit, and I recommend this release for all the fans of Candlemass and Memento Mori. As a doom metal fan, I consider the lead guitarist "the lead guitarist of the year", the amount of eargasm and ecstasy that you'll have while listening to the guitars will freeze every single hair on your body!



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