JorZine - Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn

Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn

Label: Napalm Records

Reviewer: Rami Al-Jumaili - 2013-06-01

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8.5/10 10/10 9/10 8/10 10/10

Highlights:  Earthshine, Old Mornings Dawn, The Wandering Fire

The living soul of the Middle Earth is back, after a very long time. Finally summoning is back with a new epic album. Summoning was formed in 1993 in Austria by Richard lederer "Protector" and micheal gregor "Silenius", and "Old Mornings Dawn" is their 7th album , the bands creates their brilliant music by using medieval musical atmosphere, mixed with secret touches, also with the materials of Tolkien and Middle Earth sagas .


At first summoning is the sound of middle earth, the fantasy land that has been created by J.r.r Tolkien. Summoning is a really perfect band because they mix music and imagination together in a way that you feel like you are living a dream of watching an epic movie , an atmospheric music of lands and wars. "Old mornings dawn" starts with "evernight",  a smooth cinematic intro of echoes and whispers mixed with folk music to put you on the mood of saga and epic music to come, then the epic musical journey really begins with "Flammifer", it starts with new elements of eastern Asian folk music with the perfect vocals of protector that pull your mind and ears toward epicness, just by their keyboard touches .


Then comes the titled track "old mornings dawn", the one that combines everything of every corner of summoning music structures, epic vocals , epic music , its like a triumphant and massive music masterpiece, just brilliant. The album continues its mythical journey with a doomy track, a brilliant sound of flute and violin, mixed with their fuzzy guitar sound, and the epic drumming, then the fifth track "Caradhras" follows , with also Asian folk elements , then the coral vocals that makes feel like if you are in the middle of a battle field .


The tracks "Of Pale White Morn"  and "The Wandering Fire" are just wonderful, powerful musical masterpieces, the ones that makes you wanna live their world, I cant write enough words to describe these tracks in particular or the whole album in general is just like THIS IS SUMMONING!!!. And the perfect end of a perfect dream " Earthshine", the track that reminded of the same techniques and pattern of "let mortal heroes sing your fame", my favorite summoning album of all time , I mean what a final track….i wish this album never ends , the track is so mind blowing with kind of new vocal technique , and the epic spoken vocals , it’s the track that you will listen more than once after it finishes.


This album is amazing, almost perfect, but I have some few notes about it, at first I didn’t like the (fade out) endings of the tracks, some change would have made it better of course, also if I were a member in the band, I would suggest changing the distortion sound of the guitar in some of the track, not all of them, because the fuzzy guitar sound is a summoning trade mark.


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