JorZine - Woe - Withdrawal

Woe - Withdrawal

Label: Candlelight Records

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2013-05-30

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8.5/10 7/10

Highlights:  Carried by Waves to Remorseless Shores of the Truth, Song of My Undoing

Woe is an American black metal band who's released their new album some months ago , it's titled "Withdrawal", this album is the second album as a full line up band . I'm definitely going to say right now, this is some strong black metal, if you find yourself in the commercial road of black metal music, this album is not for you. Strangely enough, I was introduced to this band by an English friend who've visited my country, and to be honest I was surprised and intrigued by what the music of this band.


What makes the art of Woe enjoyable is the style which they interpret in Black Metal. The combination of fast played riffs, lead-guitar elements and catchiness are surely worthy to be emphasized. It is somehow astounding in which way and how easy it can be to perform such an extreme form of music. A song possesses a great amount of atmosphere and offers a great variety of riffs and arrangements, which the band plays as if they still have dozens and dozens at their disposal.


Most of the music is on the upper mid-tempo with some short switches towards slower regions. Somehow it is also aggressive and has a lot of power in it. As the music consists of a great deal of variation of motives and ideas, the band is able to keep the atmosphere on a high level and the only calm moments on this full length are the first seconds of every song which open several respectively the song Interlude; which is not metal at all but some strange sort of ambient.


The guitars and bass are all done well and have great tone and depth to them. The guitars range from heavy to clean but always carry a sense of melody to them. There are a few guitar solos which are highly enjoyable and a bit unexpected. I enjoyed the bass lines which don’t really do any craziness but they are easy to hear and aren’t hidden by the guitars. The drums have a good sound to them and are mixed well. They aren’t over powering but they still provide a very solid foundation for the rest of the music to work from. The range from creative toms work to furious blast beats.


A decent release overall, Woe defied expectation. A great release, this stands as a fine music debut, with its assertive take on black metal, guided by the will to free the country from its Christian values, supported by wintry riffing and firm drumming, Recommended.


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