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Megadeth - Super Collider

Label: Tradecraft

Reviewer: Mujtaba M Badr - 2013-05-28

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Dve mustine, wat r u doing..  dve .. stahp!!


Just when you thought Megadeth is getting back on track with every new album they released in the last 10 years, Dave Mustaine wants to prove his mental retardation, cause you know his stupid political and religious comments weren't enough, and he's just released Super Collider just to put the strawberry in the top of cream. Since "The System Has Failed", an album I would put it in the same group of Megadeth classics, and Megadeth was keep releasing a solid to not bad Thrash/Heavy metal albums, and when David Ellefson was back again, it was like FUCK YEAH, Megadeth is almost complete and the guys gonna deliver the shit and prove why they are better than Metallica in thrashing (from Megadeth hardcore fans, which am not!)


But that wasn’t the case, "Thirteen" was mediocre, but passable, now we got the album that will make "Thirteen" look like "Rust in Peace 2". First single from Super Craper was the title track (Super Collider), and the shit hit the fans with it, if I had any good expectations for this album it was gone, a mediocre heavy metal song in its finest moments, with Dve trying to get into the geeky side of his fans by referring CERN's Super Collider. Later on 'deth released "Kingmaker", which I actually enjoyed a little, better and thrashier riffs. And I was starting to say, may be DveMstine would surprise us and the rest of the album would be good, NEVER BEEN SO WRONG.


The previous two songs were the album openers, and the first shit you will face after is "BURN!", songs kick off with a solo, that reminds of glam metal/rock bands when the guitarist with his long dyed hair and makeup starts playing some fast solos to impress the stupid whores. The song is exactly about this theme after all, with the shittiest lyrics lines I've heard in years:


"burn baby burn, and it feels so good! Burn baby burn, like I knew it would!" and "FIREEE BURNING DESIRE", so kvlt!

Shit won't stop here, next two songs: "Built for war .. What do you think your fists are for",  and "Crazy, This world is going crazy, we are falling off the edge", YOU DON’T SAY, DAVE!


After this shitstorm, the album gets better, not so much better, but the songs start to sound like an outtakes left off from "Youthanasia" and "Cryptic Writings", which is bad in terms of Megadeth legacy, but so good in terms of "Super Craper". "Dance In The Rain" and "The Beginning  of Sorrow" are the finest moments here, some thrashy/heavy tunes, but still not so impressive. While "The Blackest Crow" resembles the brilliancy of Dve Mstine, use Banjo,  for the entire song! and makes the song as the absolute tribute to the amish people, cause you know, Dve belongs there. And by the way, to add insult to injury, David Draiman, from the glorious tr00 kvlt brutal metal band, Disturbed, is a guest vocalist on "Forget to Remember" and "Dance in the Rain". The problem with Super Collider, is that you don’t know what Dave want this album to sound like, Thrash but not thrashy, heavy but not so heavy, hard rock but not so hard. The album just suffers from the lack of identity and soul, it's just like if a surf rock band wanted to cover a death metal album.


I know some people will comes out and shout, "Hey, you want to listen hear some of the technical shit from "Rust in Peace", "Peace Sells", or even "Countdown", go listen to them, cause we aint no more in the 80's or 90's". For those I would love to say, "You went full retarded, never go full retarded". Just go and see Testament, Slayer, OverKill, among others and see how their recent albums are just awesome as their old classics or so close to that, even Metallica redeemed themselves with Death Magnetics, and focused on delivering good live shows, while keeping albums to minimum, cause they know that they are aged and can't put solid albums at the same pace of the 80's. While Dave on the other hand, kept doing an album each two years and now we have this shit, oh I guess that because he can't pull off live shows vocal requirements, so he needs the studio to make him think he is still young and can sing as he was in the 80's.


DON’T BUY THIS ALBUM, DON’T EVEN TORRENT IT, give it a listen on YouTube at best, and if it happened and you liked what you have heard, and went to buy it, you are either a redneck Megadeth fan, a redneck, or you have to check your brain.


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