JorZine - Noumena - Death Walks With Me

Noumena - Death Walks With Me

Label: Haunted Zoo Productions

Reviewer: Rami Al-Jumaili - 2013-05-25

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8/10 9/10 9/10 7/10 8/10

Highlights:  "Season Of Suffocation" , "Handful Of Dust" , and "Sleep"

At first and in simple words : Finnish melodic death metal !!

For the fans of : Kalmah , Insomnioum , Omnium Gatherum and Be'lakor . here is a massive new album by the blasting band Noumena .


Noumena  was formed back in 1998 in Ahtari – Finland , with three full-length albums , they did a great good job creating their own style of melodic death metal ,a high creativity of mixing and different musical elements and instruments , they alsoadded some other touches of gothic and atmospheric influences.

"Death Walks With Me" is the fourth full-length album , with 11 massive tracks that would take the listener to another world of sweet depression and anger , the album starts with "Handful Of Dust" a great start with fast melodic tempo and it's featured with female vocals and a mind blowing guitar solo , this is one of the best tracks in this album. Then the record takes us to "Play Dead" a typical Noumena track , and "sleep" the track that wont let you sleep , because of its progressive style and impressive clean vocals , followed by the album titled song "Death walks with me", the album that I thought it would be the perfect one , but I guess it turned out to be a (good enough) track but not like what I expected .

Then it gets better , with "Let it Run Red" a brilliant track with tasty guitar harmonies , awesome solo with professional techniques , along with the angry deep vocals just to make it massive. The "The Storms" comes up with its sweet intro of gothic-style vocals and progressive style , then the album continues with "Mysteries of Motion" and "Nothing" with nothing new, just as awesome as the previous tracks , the same also for  "Only the Silent" but with a fast intro and a small touch of thrash element .

The album ends with two different style tracks, "Season of Suffocation" is the first one, I don’t know how to tell how brilliant it is , and how these guys made something new by adding the French horn and some gothic and doom metal elements that made it just spectacular. and the end of this album by "Sundown" a track that reminded me of (Woods Of Ypres), very emotional piece of music that will make you drown in its lyrics and smooth music .


A general note about the album:

What really bothered me a little was that the band members are really talented but they dont have enough scense of orginality and they just trying to stay at the same position on the ladder of music, i think the band and the album needed a bit of different new work , just like what they did the second album "Absence" .



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