JorZine - Mephorash - Chalice Of Thagirion

Mephorash - Chalice Of Thagirion

Label: Grom Records

Reviewer: The King of War - 2013-05-20

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9.5/10 9.5/10 9.5/10 9.5/10 9.5/10

Highlights:  Descension of Daath, Servant, Corpus Christi

From Uppsala, Sweden, via GROM RECORDS comes the mighty black metal band MEPHORASH. They have done shows all over Sweden, spreading their brand of black plague with their "Death Awaits" album and now this grand statement of powerful blasphemy that is entitled, "Chalice of Thagirion".


The first track I am hearing is the ultra heavy and dark, "Chalice of Thagirion". Sounding like the thunders from a hellstorm when it kicks in it simply pummels the listener with very aggressive guitar tones, grim vocals and dark song thematic. The guitars are superbly evil and the overall recording sounds great and has a punchy warm tone to it, perfectly balancing all the vibrant evil that is occurring here. Nice production work, metal brothers! There are lots of changes in drum patterns and clever guitar changes sprinkled through this powerful song and I honestly have listened to it ten times now in a row. It's really that good.


The next song I am enjoying is the very creative "Membrorum Defecerit". They change the pace up a bit and sprinkle this black metal with some interesting guitar changes, thusly adding some unique variety to a crowded black metal market which will help set them above their peers. It starts slow and then just rips perfectly maintaining some kind of dark harmony within its grim tale of evil. I love the guitar harmonies that are all over this song. I really love the change up at about 2:30... very mosh inducing and savage beast vocals that leads into rather anthemic and classic black metal howling and guitar chord structuring. The outro sounds vividly psychotic and is quite catchy in all its madness. The vocalist is quite fantastic at his evil trade.


Next tune is entitled, "Legion, For We Are Many". It starts with a classic dark and brooding black metal intro, perfectly suited for live witnessing. It kicks into a perfectly destructive guitar verse phrasing that has some great upper register trill picking harmonies thrown in for good measure. The guitars don't rely too heavily on repetition and wander all over the fretboard, which as a guitarist of over 20 years, I really appreciate. All the practice pays off and it keeps things interesting. Right around 3:40ish, a super great grond-like section opens up to just another great segment to this dark tale and they bring it back full circle with that great opening verse music and darkly melodic trill picking.


There are many more gems on this great black metal release. With such great guitar phrasing, attention to quality lyrical thematic and a pummeling sound MEPHORASH stand leagues above most black metal acts. I look forward to many repeated listens of the GROM RECORDS release "Chalice of Thagirion". Simply put, it's way better than many more established acts and 95% of black metal bands need to get this album and take notes. This is how it's done, friends.



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