JorZine - Nocturne (US) - Ave Noctem

Nocturne (US) - Ave Noctem

Label: Do or Die Records

Reviewer: The King of War - 2013-05-20

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9.5/10 9.5/10 10/10 9.5/10 9.5/10

Highlights:  Rites of Contrition, Pain of Purity

another one man USBM band. Here we go. But wait a second.. this is having a nice old school feel to it. This is having that rocking feel that sometimes is missing in USBM. This makes me want to drink whiskey and smoke crack with strangers in a dark alleyway and smash things and throw the horns up! Am I nodding???


First of all, hats off to Dan Klein for being an awesome drummer. Supremely energetic and working the entire kit, Dan masterfully exersizes proper songwriting phrasing in regards to how to properly carry the ground size weight of these intense slabs of black energy. The riffs and sublayers of guitar feedback and tritonal work color these songs with a fantastic evil undertone that shows a proper headstrong mindset that is needed to properly execute blasphemy of this level of perfection. Vocally a nice rasping croak is achieved that matches the obsidian depths of pure, rotten blackness that is on display here.


On a whole, the album has a unique and perfect flow with memorable tracks that have you hitting repeat (ie, "Anxiopath"). There is a fervent amount of anticipation as each new song unfolds to see what kind of instrumentation arrangement shall be perceived and what dark world shall be unveiled. Dan's songwriting sorcery is very impressive. A true masterpiece of USBM has been witnessed here. To all those USBM bands that miss the mark.. study up. THIS is how it's done.



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