JorZine - October Tide - Tunnel of No Light

October Tide - Tunnel of No Light

Label: Pulverised Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-05-15

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8.5/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 8/10

Highlights:  Emptiness Fullfilled, In Hopeless Pursuit, Adoring Ashes

A lot of doom metal fans on earth wish that the old doom\death Katatonia is still alive, unfortunately this wish seems impossible after the modern depressive rock sound that Katatonia has reached during the last ten years, but the bright side about this topic is that October Tide is still alive and kicking. Since the album "Rain Without End" that has been released in 1997, the doomers wait every single new track for this band, somehow the original 90s doom\death metal sound still exist in the latest releases for these guys, though the line-up cant stop changing, the result is always satisfying and classy.



Tunnel of No Light is the new album for the Swedish doom\death metal masters October Tide, the first album for the band to be released by Pulverised Records and the first album to feature ex-Katatonia's bassist Mattias Norrman, and this album also the first album for the new vocalist Alexander Hogbom from the Swedish death metal bands Spasmodic and Volturyon. Fredrik Norrman, the guitarist and the genius behind the music of October Tide, has never thought of using any modern influences in the guitar work of October Tide, and this is the main reason why this band still have the original tasty flavor of the 90s doom\death metal era, only the modern and louder production can make a difference between the new album and the first albums of the band.

The track "Of Wounds To Come" that has been released as a demo track for the fans filled the doomers with more excitement and thirst, especially when the new vocalist was blowing every single moment in the track, The track "Adoring Ashes" also has been released as a single before releasing the album, both tracks have the same doomed-dark sound of the past October Tide's album, and this is an interesting point for a lot of doomers though many listeners were anticipating a new sound (which I don't support actually). The ghostly drumming touches and the reverberation of the guitar sound for most of the tracks fill the sound of the tracks with deep doomy sound, just like the sound of the early Anathema and My Dying Bride. The most interesting fact about the album is that the tracks sound so much different than each others, unlike most of the recent doom\death metal albums, and this is clear in some tracks like "Our Constellation" and "Caught In Silence".

Talking about the old Katatonia, the tracks "Emptiness Fullfilled" and "The Day I Dissolved" reminded me a lot of the albums "Dance of December Souls" and "Brave Murder Day" which are my favorite doom death metal albums of all time. If you are searching for a classy-professional doom\death metal albums with classic elements, then this album will is the right record for you. The influences of My Dying Bride and the early Anathema are mixed with the past albums that the guitarist Norrman has created in his career for the bands October Tide and Katatonia, the result is fascinating and this album is recommended for all the doom metal fans in general.


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