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Centimani - Aegaeon

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2012-08-02

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Centimani is an American Death Metal group that recently released their debut, full-length album, "Aegaeon" in June. Formed back in 2006, the band had issued a couple of EPs before making certain that it was the perfect time to hit their fans with a full-length, studio record. 

The outfit starts with an outstanding instrumental track titled, "Titanomachy". This is the kind of track that leaves a surprised look on your face while teasing you about what is to come. The guitar riffs are very well written and the production here is excellent, more so when considering the very small budget that this album had. However, it is clear that the album was mixed raw and slightly bass heavy. Every Instrument can be heard clearly, including the bass, personally, I really enjoyed the keyboards. The vocals are old school, both the highs and the lows but, on the second track, "Serpents Coil",  a couple of lines are sung cleanly this being repeated throughout the album. The solos are masterfully played as are the drum techniques – being unforgettable as well.

Track three and four are, "Self Aggrandizement” and, "Thyestean Banquet" respectively. As each song began, it became obvious that there isn’t a dull moment in the album. Nearly every second of every song is well executed and will leave the listener wanting more. All the riffs are truly mind-blowing, the vocals are wild and harsh growls, the drums and the bass are just short of being magic and, there are a lot of keyboard parts that never seem to be completely normal. I can’ possibly imagine who this album is supposed to appeal to because literally everyone who has even a passing interest in Metal has never heard better music than this. Maybe at one point in the future, Centimani will master more of the art of writing memorable riffs. 

What I can say the next three tracks, "Flames of Gehenna", "Fields of Karelia" and, "Non Servium"?  Probably that, based on all that I’ve heard, the two greatest components of this outfit's sound would have to be the intricate guitar work and the harsh, evil vocals. The guitar work in this track is absolutely stunning, there being crazy guitar solos in almost all of the songs. The rhythm guitar is brilliant as well, with many parts sounding nearly as technical as the solos. Thankfully, unlike some Technical Death Metal bands, Centimani has an excellent keyboardist. Most of the songs are made unique by the intricate keyboard lines at the beginning of most songs. 

One thing I truly enjoyed about Centimani was the guitar solos that interlaced between the endlessly aggressive, underlying rhythms, adding a slightly melodic touch to the Death and technical tones that make up the composition. This is exactly what happened in the last track, "Sacramentum". The song was what was expected from a proper Death Metal act: the music is very fast, aggressive, relentless and intense. This may be one of the best releases I've heard out of the Symphonic/Technical Death Metal realm lately. 

So, if you are a fan of Death Metal, especially the kind with a lot of melodies, then this is an album you should give a spin. This album is a must-listen for fans of Death Metal. 


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