JorZine - Amorphis - Circle [Review]

Amorphis - Circle [Review]

Label: Nuclear Blast

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2013-04-17

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8/10 9/10 9.5/10 7/10 7/10

Highlights:  Mission, Nightbird's Song, Enchanted by the Moon

I can still remember the day I've heard about Amorphis for the first time. I was spending a night with a friend of mine, where I've listened to their oldies, as well as one song called "House of Sleep". To be honest Amorphis took my sight since then, I never felt bored a bit with their offering of rhythmic melodic metal, and releasing "Circle" was the last step by the band in this month, it's not Amorphis best album, but still an amazing outfit.


I'm not sure if Amorphis before ever had a stronger start than "Shades of Gray", the song it’s just an introduction for massive melo-death/heavy metal, some complex structures within this track give a thrill. It’s fast and uncompromising throughout, with few tempo changes and even an addition of acoustic pause at the start and the end. That gives an impressive change of the atmosphere, from aggressive to sorrowful.


"Mission" It's definitely more melodic and melancholic. There are more clean vocal parts in it, which gives even more mournful mood to it. Again the song has quite a complex structure, with many riff changes as well as the tempos. "The Wanderer" is again a mix of angry riffing and the melancholic parts, what finally brings to my mind the concept idea of this atmosphere, Amorphis in help with the legendary Peter Tagtgren as producer are going to feed us with a mastery atmospheric sorrowful play.


What I’m most surprised about is how powerful the guitars and bass handle this kind of pressure. Usually they’d try and go under the typical structure songs with such spaces, but I find this material just as heavy and interesting as the later material, and here I'm talking about the next two tracks "Narrow Path" and "Hopeless Days".



It's time to speak on this album's highlight "Nightbird's Song", drumming here sounds comfortable, cause it’s a lighthearted and heavy at the same time, It’s thick and juicy while the rest of it's parts are jazzy, very metallic and drown under the rest of the instruments. Mr. Tomi Joutsen vocals style really hasn't changed all too much. He just sings a much more rhythmic part while the guitars aim to be feisty melodic death metal, not that Melo-death bullshit, but actual melodic death metal heart and character. "Into the Abyss" is what I’m listening to now and it dismembers all the new melodic death/metalcore bullshit bands. You’ll definitely hear a professional and emotional stream surging through the amps when the riffs churn and tear the roof off.


"Enchanted by the Moon" has a couple absolutely timeless "doomy" riffs, in addition with the melodic atmosphere. It's one song that I'll keep listening to till Amorphis next release; a definite extreme metal classic song. The band attends here to carry some extreme riffs on their shoulders and they introduced it as it should be.


I really loved the melodies the band plays and the way they manage to keep the music aggressive and not raw at all and that’s what I'm sure you're going to feel when you listen to "A New Day" and the lonely bounce track on this outfit "Dead Man's Dream".


They simply never over do with delivering the melodic riffs. The music is fantastic, catchy as hell, and through the entire album you’ll end up banging your head like a crazy maniac. There are some unforgettable tunes and so the album truly sticks in the mind for endless hours.


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