JorZine - The Ghosts Of A New Generation

The Ghosts Of A New Generation

Label: Independent

Reviewer: Amir Kourosh - 2013-04-15

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  The Ghosts Of A New Generation, Cocktail

"The Ghosts of a New Generation", which was released one year ago by Turkish Thrash/Death metallers VORTEX OF CLUTTER, has everything that Old School metallers look for: aggressiveness, combative lyrics, attitude and tons of Metal in its purest essence. These guys are not newcomers, they are bringing Metal to the masses since 2008 and have released a full length album and a couple of singles since their inception. In all these years they have remained loyal to their Thrash/Death Metal roots, and this 4-track EP is a good example of this.


The first thing that comes to your mind after listening to this EP is the great guitar work, which is heavily influenced by the Canadian band ANNIHILATOR, specially from its post-"Waking the Fury" era. We also find some influences from DEATH, which are obvious in the EP's self-titled track. Don't get me wrong: instead of these influences, they still sound original. And it is really hard to have a fresh played Thrash/Death Metal-sound, a genre which has sadly became a synonym of unoriginal music in the last years.


Guitarists Zafer Tunaboylu and Güneş Kaya know how to be melodic and how to play mind-blowing killer riffs at the same time, what is shown specially in the songs "The Ghosts of a New Generation" and "Cocktail", whose guitar work and its changes in the rythm are definitelly the album's highlights. The song "Cocktail" also features Berzan Önen (WARRING, RADYOAKTIF) as a guest vocalist, who does a great work with his clean singing.

The mix between aggressiveness and melody is what makes the difference between VORTEX OF CLUTTER and the 90 percent of bands inside this genre. If the band follows this path and remain loyal to themselves, I'm pretty sure they will become one of the leading Metal acts inside the Turkish scene.


The EP is available at the band's website, so if you are eager to listening to some killer underground Thrash/Death fresh stuff, you shall download it RIGHT NOW! The other band's releases are also available, so enjoying this band won't cost you a single penny!


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